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BOOK REVIEW: The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

As with all of her books, The Brightest Star in the Sky hooked me early on.  Mind you I wasn’t very sure what exactly was going on at the start, or who the unusual narrator was but Marian’s typical wit … Continue reading

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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, a Movie Montage

Video I made using lots of different dance clips to some great music. Clips from Casper, The Yards, Drop Dead Gorgeous, 13 Going on 30, Dirty Dancing, Edward Scissorhands, Sister Act, Hocus Pocus, Coyote Ugly, Bring It On, Step Up, … Continue reading

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Favourite TV Shows

5) The X – Files The Truth Is Out There I can still remember seeing the trailer for this when I was 10 years old and running through the house to tell my Dad who also loves sci-fi and paranormal … Continue reading

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It’s All About Us: Liz & Max from Roswell

Fan video I made Liz :You’re not an… an … alien… I mean… Are you? Max : Well, I prefer the term ‘not of this earth’. Song by Tatu

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Because the Night: Vampire Romances

Fan video I made: Buffy & Angel, Spike & Drusilla, Edward & Bella, Caleb & Mae Bruce Springsteen Because the Night. I love this version of Because the Night. I think it has a vampirish, creature-of-the-night atmosphere

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