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Sexy Songs: Songs that Make You Wanna Go Ooh (Round 1)

Because it’s the weekend. I’m going with a lazy but fun post.  If I’m missing any major tunes, let me know and they’ll go in round two. Fire – Bruce Springsteen. The finger click at 1.26 gets me every time, … Continue reading

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TV Review: Roswell (They came in 1947.They never left.)

Liz Parker: “You’re not an, an alien… I mean… Are you?”                                                        Max Evans: “Well, I prefer the term not of this earth.” I tuned in to Roswell in episode six of season one and was hooked.  “285 South” … Continue reading

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Writing Time: Look Meme

The lovely Debra Kristi tagged me in this game going around the blogosphere at the moment.  You run a search for the word “look” in your current WIP and then paste the surrounding paragraph(s). Here goes a short extract from … Continue reading

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Film Review: Never Cry Werewolf (Cheesy, Silly, Harmless Fun)

I posted this review in the early days of this blog when no one knew I existed. :)  I watched it again lately, and it was as silly but enjoyable as the first time, so I’d like to share the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Be Still, My Love by Deborah J. Hughes (A Haunting in Maine)

A Haunting in Maine, and it’s not a story by Stephen King! I always enjoy reading Deborah Hughes’ real-life ghost stories and paranormal tales on her blog: Ghostly Dramas, so I eagerly snapped up her novel, Be Still, My Love, … Continue reading

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