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Friday’s Game of Questions. Tag. I’m It.

Tiffany A White tagged me in this fun game of Eleven Random Questions.                        Here are the Rules                                                                                                                  1.Answer the questions set by the tagger.  In my case, this would be Tiffany. 2.Create eleven new questions to ask eleven new participants … Continue reading

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Film Review: The Skeleton Key (Set in New Orleans? Say No More)

I love reading and watching anything to do with New Orleans, so it’s no surprise I enjoyed The Skeleton Key when I first saw it years ago.  As far as I can remember the critics generally panned it.  And of … Continue reading

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Reviews of My Book: Night Sighs

I received two lovely reviews of my ebook Night Sighs recently, that I hope people won’t mind me sharing in a blog post. I self-published this collection of 5 paranormal short stories last November, and always love to get feedback. … Continue reading

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