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TV Review: The Secret Circle (Witchy Delight)

Two episodes in and I’m hooked.  Thomas Dekker is looking very handsome as the leading man Adam.  How long will it take him to ditch Diana for Cassie?  Hmm we’ll have to wait and see.  Kevin Williamson (the man behind The Vampire Diaries) doesn’t give in to fans’ desires too soon.  He’s managed to keep Damon and Elena apart so far, after all.

The Cassie/Adam/Diana love triangle aside, The Secret Circle has intrigue in spades.  The standout character has to be bad girl of the group Faye who we have seen almost kill Cassie in an effort to test her magical skills, channel her magic to create a freaky storm, reminiscent of The Craft, and is also the daughter of the evil(ish) high school principal.  Adam’s heavy drinker of a father Ethan is another interesting character, ranting about fate and destiny to a confused Cassie.

Hopefully the origin of the magic will be explored in further episodes and we’ll see some more of the other 2 members of the Circle who have had little screentime at this early point.  And just what are the evil adults up to?  I’m sure Cassie’s Grandmother is going to turn out to be a force to be reckoned with.  Williamson’s grandmothers tend to be essential to his storylines (just think of Jen’s grandmother in Dawson’s Creek and Bonnie’s in The Vampire Diaries).

Out of curiosity I went through my stack of teen horror novels from many years ago (I have quite a collection from my early teens and pre-teens) and found L.J. Smith’s book The Secret Circle which was published in the early 90s.  The only resemblance I can see between the book and tv show is the name Cassie.

**** for the first two episodes.

I was so hooked by the introduction to The Secret Circle that I created a fan video and uploaded it to youtube.  Civil Twilight’s Letters from the Sky seemed to suit the mood of the show.

TV Review: The Fades (Paul sees Dead People)

Last night’s first episode of the fantasy horror series The Fades aired on BBC3 after much hype.  Sarah (Natalie Dormer from The Tudors) was fatally injured in the opening minutes having been struck by some monster/demon reminiscent of the cave dwellers in the horror film The Descent.  Teenage outsider Paul (Iain de Caestecker) witnesses this creature attacking a man and we soon learn that Paul suffers from terrifying visions of the apocalypse and during his waking hours sees dead people (yes that phrase can never be used again without thinking of The Sixth Sense).

The Fades are spirits of the deceased trapped on earth.  We learn that when you die some people go up while the unlucky ones just stay put, trapped on earth, eventually becoming hostile.  Who are the creepy monsters and what do Sarah’s and Paul’s dreams of a world covered in ash mean?  The one disturbing aspect that remains with the viewer long after the credits roll is the depiction of purgatory.  Death, just like life can be crap points out Neil (Johnny Harris), the man who was attacked earlier, and like Paul he sees the dead.  If this piques your interest tune in next Wednesday night.

Decent opening that should bring viewers back for episode two.