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Film Review: Never Cry Werewolf (Cheesy, Silly, Harmless Fun)

I posted this review in the early days of this blog when no one knew I existed. 🙂  I watched it again lately, and it was as silly but enjoyable as the first time, so I’d like to share the review again.


As a made-for-TV movie, and worse having aired on the Sci Fi channel, I had reservations about watching this. 90 minutes later, I was pleasantly surprised. Put aside what will most likely be your tendency to scoff, and just enjoy this little gem for what it is, a comedy-horror that blatantly and enthusiastically rips off Fright Night. Substitute a werewolf for the vampire from the 80s movie and you’ve sussed the plot.

For the ladies, we have the sexy Peter Stebbings from The Listener and Madison (if anyone remembers that show) in the lead role as Jared, the hot, motor-cyclist and new next door neighbour of teenager, Loren played by Nina Dobrev of The Vampire Diaries. It’s hard not to be aware of the creepy age difference between these two, and in fact Jared tells Loren that back in the day, girls her age would have been shacked up with a couple of kids. In a nutshell, he believes Loren is the reincarnation of his dead fiancée, and he intends to turn her into a werewolf to keep her alive as his mate forever. Yes, it is fair to say that Nina Dobrev has developed a taste for playing characters who look like the reincarnation of her love interest’s ex.

Age difference aside, there is something hypnotic about the charisma oozing from Stebbings. Hercules, sorry I mean Kevin Sorbo, plays a washed-up tv star, Redd Tucker, who is roped into helping Loren destroy Jared before he makes her his mate and/or kills any more hookers. Punk kid and fast food delivery boy, Steven (Sean O’ Neill) has a major crush on Loren, and earns himself a bite from the big bad wolf for his wooing efforts.

This film is played for laughs, and it’s clear to see that all the actors amp up the silliness. Was it really necessary to stick Dobrev in a sports bra at the end? Probably not, but I doubt there’re any guys out there who would complain. Kitting her out with a crossbow seemed to be a nod to the legions of Buffy fans, so thumbs up for that.

Cheesy, silly, harmless fun. This is one to watch with your friends on a Friday night with some Jack Daniels in hand, or any other hard liquor.

** if you watch this sober, *** if slightly tipsy.

Has anyone seen this? What other silly Sci Fi/Syfy channel films are doing the rounds that I’ve missed?

TV Time: The Vampire Diaries: Elijah & Elena Sitting in a Tree

Not Really but a Girl can Dream Right?

I’m tired of Delena, and even more bored of Stelena, odd because I used to be a big fan of the latter.  Nowadays I’m all about Original Vampire Elijah, played by New Zealander Daniel Gillies.  In real life he’s happily married to Rachael Leigh Cook of She’s All That fame, but in the tv show, Elijah is footloose and fancy-free, as they say.

When Elijah first appeared in season 2 and sniffed Elena to make sure she was human, I sat up and took immediate notice.  Later on in that season, when Elena pulled the dagger from his heart and they found a way to trust one another, I was paying even keener attention.  When Elijah ripped the heart out of Klaus’ werewolf in season 3 and asked his traitorous brother: “So Niklaus, what have I missed?” I clapped.  Yeah, I said it.  I actually found myself clapping.  That was it for any romantic feelings I had for the Salvatore brothers.

Elijah is a noble man, as Elena herself once said.  We’ve never seen him drink blood from a human.  He kills werewolves but he is not sadistic and evil the way Klaus is.  He is honourable and decent for the most part, which is why the audience was shocked when he left Elena trapped underground with his murderous sister Rebekah.  To put this in perspective it’s no worse than what Elena did to him, allying herself with his mother to aid his death.  This act of betrayal earned Elena Elijah’s wrath, but his remorse for this action was evident in the letter of apology he left her.

I would like a romance to develop between these two but I don’t see it happening.  Despite the violence, drinking and mayhem we see week after week on the show, The Vampire Diaries has a young audience and a relationship between Elena and a much older man would probably be frowned upon.  Now if they ever made an adult spin off based on The Originals, maybe we would get to see something happen.

I’ve missed Elijah on the show these past few weeks. Let’s hope he comes back to Mystic Falls soon!!

So, quick question. We have Delena and Stelena, what the heck do we call Elijah and Elena?