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Book Review: Kindred by Michelle Cornwell-Jordan (Goes Beyond A Simple Vampire Story)

Having read Michelle’s first book in the Night School series earlier this year, I was looking forward to catching up with vampire slayer, Dasheen Bellamy (nickname, Angel), and the Night School at Ame Academy in Kindred.

A Kindred official cover- Gold Eyes copy

Last time around, I wanted to find out more about Elin, Ismet and Bella Donna (half human/half vampire, Jinn and natural born vampire, respectively). I was happy to discover more about these ladies in Kindred. The end of the last novella saw Angel meet Rafael, literally the boy from her dreams, and we were left wondering what exactly their connection was. Yay for us girls, Rafael is back and ready to work with Angel.

Almost immediately, we learn that a big, bad fight is coming. Angel is still reeling from learning about the supernatural world and her central role as a Vampire Hunter. She has a unique ability for a Hunter; her blood kills vampires. She’s also dealing with a younger brother who’s mid transition, and she makes it her mission to save him from becoming a monster.

Of Angel’s three supernatural friends, Elin was my favourite. Her fashion sense – toga style dresses teamed with combat boots, marks her out as one cool chick. I enjoyed reading about her Bulgarian background. I was also quite jealous of her ability to eat as much as she likes and never gain weight! Her line, “The whole Edward and Bella scenario doesn’t work right now” had me smiling. Then we have Bella Donna who is superficial, cold and difficult to relate to, and Ismet, the wisest of the three, always analysing and planning. Each of these powerful woman works alongside Angel to save Jordan and protect the humans from supernatural attacks.

When I started to learn about Rafael’s and Angel’s past, I had the same initial ick reaction as when I read about Jacob and Renesmee in the Twilight books. But I got over it. 🙂 Going back into Dasheen’s/Angel’s earlier life intrigued me, but I can’t say much about it without giving away her story. I did have to pay keen attention to follow the different supernatural and preternatural races, but learning about the various lineages was interesting.

The phantom little girl with worms for a face has to get a mention. She freaked me out in the first book, and she still scares me. Kindred is a short and sweet read. Bring on book three I say. One element I would have liked to see more of was action in the form of a battle. A lot of Kindred delved into the past rather than moving forward, so I hope to see more action in the next instalment.

The first novella was simply a vampire story. Kindred goes beyond that. There are layers of mythology beneath the surface and a greater fantasy aspect here with godlike beings and all types of otherworldly creatures.

Quote that made me laugh:
I moved to him and said, “Jordan, Jordan.” Those surrounding him hissed, but after one look at Rafael who must have had on his evil Thunder face, they scampered away.

A quick and fun read that left me anticipating part three. I also enjoyed the blog style of this book. ****

Check it out on Amazon or add it to your Goodreads TBR list.

Has this piqued your interest? What was the last vampire book you read?


Captivating Couples from Supernatural TV Shows

Tate & Violet from American Horror Story:
The most recent such couple for me has to be Tate and Violet from American Horror Story. The first episode of AHS last year freaked me out. It was disturbing and uncomfortable to watch, and I wasn’t sure I was going to tune in for the following week’s shenanigans. Has anyone sat through the film Shame starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan? That’s the kind of uncomfortable I’m talking about. Hard to watch, but you just can’t look away. I persevered and am glad I did.

The relationship between psychopath Tate and troubled Violet was the highlight of the series. Only child Violet, who reminded me instantly of Winona Ryder’s character in Beetlejuice, is delighted to learn the house she’s moved into has been the scene of gruesome murders.  A creepy home suits her misfit personality just fine.  She likes to cut herself and enjoys pissing off the mean girls at her high school.  Her mother and father are working their way through the latter’s affair and don’t really notice Violet or her suffering.

Meanwhile, her therapist father treats patients in an office from home and one of his patients, Tate, takes a shine to Violet. Before long they’re hanging out in the dark, scary basement and it becomes clear that Tate is mentally unstable.  A shocking revelation halfway through the season only underlines the danger of Violet’s relationship with Tate.  Altogether a dark and intriguing couple that had me glued to the TV screen.

Buffy & Angel
Haunting, tragic, sad, inspiring. They had an epic love affair, until Angel fecked off to LA; silly man!

We all wondered just who exactly was the mystery man bringing cryptic messages to Buffy in the first few episodes.  As it turned out, Angel was a  240 year old vampire with a soul, in love with the slayer and trying to atone for a century and a half of debauchery and murder.  Buffy and Angel dated on and off for three years.  He went evil halfway through season two after they consummated their relationship, and Buffy had to send him to hell in order to save the world. It makes our real life breakups seem a tad boring, eh?  But he forgave her, and they dated throughout season three until Angel decided he’d like Buffy to live a normal life without him holding her back, a noble decision had it not been blatantly apparent that since she was a slayer, a normal life would not be had.  Over the next four years, they made brief appearances in each other’s lives, but their love story was over, freeing them up for other romantic pursuits.  Buffy fell into bed with Spike, while Angel found himself looking in Cordelia’s direction. Yes, he ended up trying it on with Buffy’s bitchy, former schoolmate in LA. Men!

When I think of Buffy and Angel, I try only to remember the early years, and they were good.

Michael & Maria from Roswell
“I hate you!” “Ditto” could sum these two up.                                                                    Michael, an emotionally stunted alien meets Maria, a quirky, big-mouthed waitress and sparks fly.  These two had me roaring in laughter for all three seasons of Roswell.  A much more enjoyable couple to watch than the boring and overly intense Liz and Max.  Michael and Maria seemed real. They bickered, they loved, they made us laugh.

Mulder & Scully from The X-Files
OK, not really a couple but I had to fit them in here. I’m sure they kind of, sort of got together at the end, didn’t they? Can anyone confirm this? Did they have a baby together, or am I dreaming?  As you can probably guess, I didn’t pay much attention to the last couple of seasons. The show just ran out steam, but while it was good, it was really, really good.

It doesn’t make sense for someone as sceptical as Dana Scully to really click with a true believer like Fox Mulder, but when they’re partnered up at the FBI, it turns out they’re a really good team.  The chemistry between them kept the audience captivated for years.  From the moment Mulder asked Scully, “do you think I’m spooky?” in the very first episode, I was in, and would spend a significant portion of my childhood and early teen years wearing a huge, silver X around my neck, proudly telling anyone who asked me if I happened to be fan of the show, “Yes. I am an X-Files addict”.  I was a nerd!

What couples from supernatural shows have you found yourself rooting for?