Captivating Couples from Supernatural TV Shows

Tate & Violet from American Horror Story:
The most recent such couple for me has to be Tate and Violet from American Horror Story. The first episode of AHS last year freaked me out. It was disturbing and uncomfortable to watch, and I wasn’t sure I was going to tune in for the following week’s shenanigans. Has anyone sat through the film Shame starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan? That’s the kind of uncomfortable I’m talking about. Hard to watch, but you just can’t look away. I persevered and am glad I did.

The relationship between psychopath Tate and troubled Violet was the highlight of the series. Only child Violet, who reminded me instantly of Winona Ryder’s character in Beetlejuice, is delighted to learn the house she’s moved into has been the scene of gruesome murders.  A creepy home suits her misfit personality just fine.  She likes to cut herself and enjoys pissing off the mean girls at her high school.  Her mother and father are working their way through the latter’s affair and don’t really notice Violet or her suffering.

Meanwhile, her therapist father treats patients in an office from home and one of his patients, Tate, takes a shine to Violet. Before long they’re hanging out in the dark, scary basement and it becomes clear that Tate is mentally unstable.  A shocking revelation halfway through the season only underlines the danger of Violet’s relationship with Tate.  Altogether a dark and intriguing couple that had me glued to the TV screen.

Buffy & Angel
Haunting, tragic, sad, inspiring. They had an epic love affair, until Angel fecked off to LA; silly man!

We all wondered just who exactly was the mystery man bringing cryptic messages to Buffy in the first few episodes.  As it turned out, Angel was a  240 year old vampire with a soul, in love with the slayer and trying to atone for a century and a half of debauchery and murder.  Buffy and Angel dated on and off for three years.  He went evil halfway through season two after they consummated their relationship, and Buffy had to send him to hell in order to save the world. It makes our real life breakups seem a tad boring, eh?  But he forgave her, and they dated throughout season three until Angel decided he’d like Buffy to live a normal life without him holding her back, a noble decision had it not been blatantly apparent that since she was a slayer, a normal life would not be had.  Over the next four years, they made brief appearances in each other’s lives, but their love story was over, freeing them up for other romantic pursuits.  Buffy fell into bed with Spike, while Angel found himself looking in Cordelia’s direction. Yes, he ended up trying it on with Buffy’s bitchy, former schoolmate in LA. Men!

When I think of Buffy and Angel, I try only to remember the early years, and they were good.

Michael & Maria from Roswell
“I hate you!” “Ditto” could sum these two up.                                                                    Michael, an emotionally stunted alien meets Maria, a quirky, big-mouthed waitress and sparks fly.  These two had me roaring in laughter for all three seasons of Roswell.  A much more enjoyable couple to watch than the boring and overly intense Liz and Max.  Michael and Maria seemed real. They bickered, they loved, they made us laugh.

Mulder & Scully from The X-Files
OK, not really a couple but I had to fit them in here. I’m sure they kind of, sort of got together at the end, didn’t they? Can anyone confirm this? Did they have a baby together, or am I dreaming?  As you can probably guess, I didn’t pay much attention to the last couple of seasons. The show just ran out steam, but while it was good, it was really, really good.

It doesn’t make sense for someone as sceptical as Dana Scully to really click with a true believer like Fox Mulder, but when they’re partnered up at the FBI, it turns out they’re a really good team.  The chemistry between them kept the audience captivated for years.  From the moment Mulder asked Scully, “do you think I’m spooky?” in the very first episode, I was in, and would spend a significant portion of my childhood and early teen years wearing a huge, silver X around my neck, proudly telling anyone who asked me if I happened to be fan of the show, “Yes. I am an X-Files addict”.  I was a nerd!

What couples from supernatural shows have you found yourself rooting for?



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37 Responses to Captivating Couples from Supernatural TV Shows

  1. Indiewritersreview says:

    Don’t forget Stefan and Elena and now Teen Wolf’s(my daughter loves this show)… the intense couple Scott(Teen Wolf himself) and Allison, daughter of local Wolf Hunter(very Romeo&Juliet:)

  2. beckyday6 says:

    Ooooh I’ve just started watching the X Files and I’m really enjoying it so far, your not the first one I’ve heard mention that it kind of gets worse towards the end. Did they do something really wacky or did they just run out of material?

    As for Angel and Buffy, yes, Yes, YES! 😀 Although I have to admit I was more of a Buffy and Spike fan, I still absoultely loved her and Angel too. Couldn’t really stand Riley though. But seriously I was SO annoyed by the Angel and Cordelia romance!!! I’ve never really liked Cordelia at all and it always made me feel like ‘how could you do that to BUFFY!?’ which is unfair I know cause I didn’t have an issue with her having relationships, but I don’t know…it just seemed the existance of Angel as a character was for him to be in love with Buffy. And also he left Buffy because she was human and it couldn’t work out etc, and then he goes after Cordy! It just seemed a bit stupid/hypocritical really. (I know she was kinda part demon and stuff but she still wasn’t immortal!)

    • Emma says:

      Oh Becky, you really should give it a go. The first three or four seasons are really good. If you can find the boxset going cheap, snatch it up. Towards the end they ran out material, I think, and David Duchovny (Mulder) left, though his replacement was pretty cool. It was Robert Patrick from Terminator 2.

      I loved Buffy & Spike too, though I think that relationship was more about sex than love (for Buffy at least). The Angel & Cordelia thing seemed convenient. I was rooting for Cordelia and Doyle but he only lasted about 9 episodes, or was it less than that? Good point about Angel’s silly claim of ending his relationship with Buffy because she was human, then chasing after another human(ish) girl.

      • beckyday6 says:

        Ohhh yeah I really liked Cordelia and Doyle, they were so cute!
        Doyle “We help the helpless, our rats our low”
        Cordelia “No it’s rates! Our rates are low”
        Doyle “But it says rats!”
        LOL. I really wish they’d kept him :/

  3. Violet and Tate. What a weird, spooky relationship. But I liked them together.

    Buffy and Angel? Yeah, I liked them together early on, but I was really more of a Buffy/Spike fan. There were times when Angel acted like he was twelve. LOL

    Ah, Scully and Mulder. My favorite couple. There was always something between them, even if they didn’t know it. And if you watch the two movies that aired later, they were definitely together. Especially in the last movie. But I did get the impression they got together at the end of the show.

    I’ve never seen Roswell….

    • Emma says:

      Lots of people seem to be Buffy & Spike fans more so than Buffy & Angel. Hmm, I thought it would be the other way around.
      Roswell is one of my favourite TV shows ever, right up there with Buffy and The X-Files. It had a great cast and a quiet humour. If you ever have a spare few hours (and who does) try to watch the first few episodes. You just might fall in love with another TV show.

  4. laurajc83 says:

    In Buffy, I really wanted Willow and Oz to stay together before she met Tara! They were a great couple until Veronica showed up and ruined it all! But then to make it worse, Oz returns months later for Willow, only to find out she is with Tara! Poor Oz! I really wanted them to work 😦 But Willow & Tara made a cute couple too…don’t get me started on Kennedy…ggrrrrr aarrgh!

    Buffy & Angel 4eva!!!, as I used to write on my school copies!! 😀

    • I loved Willow and Oz as a couple. To me, when he left, that was the saddest scene in the whole show. In fact, I named my cats Willow and Oz!

    • Emma says:

      Willow and Oz are so cute together, especially in season 2. I think Kennedy, like Cordelia for Angel was just too convenient. You know Tara, or Amber Benson I should say was asked to come back for one episode in the last season, you know the one where Buffy’s mom appears to Dawn? She said no, because she wanted fans to remember her character the way she was and not as some evil spirit pretending to be Tara.
      Oh those school copies!
      And best of luck with your brand new blog!

  5. Ooo, this post is right up my alley! I loved Tate and Violet. I also like Scott and Allison from Teen Wolf. But Allison isn’t supernatural. If I had to pick another supe couple that I rooted for, it was Sam and Ruby. Hey, didn’t he marry the second Ruby in real-life? I think so…

    • I forgot to say from Supernatural. Sorry! 🙂

      • Emma says:

        I really have to sit down and watch Teen Wolf. Everyone seems to be talking about it.
        I’m not sure about in real life. I’ve only seen the first few seasons of Supernatural. Over here, they started showing it really late, at something like 1am on a Saturday so it was had to keep watching. I’m going to splurge on the boxset to catch up properly with Sam and Dean.

  6. Nerds rule! I met my husband at an X-Files end of season party. We were a little older than you, I believe. I’d never watched X-Files until I met him, can you imagine? Well, I could since I didn’t own a T.V. for several years. We were huge Buffy fans, too. Now he’s into Fringe and a bunch of other shows I pretend not to have time for. I usually end up watching them from Lurker Chair. On Bones, I still keep waiting for Angel to go all vampy on them, but since he’s not Angel anymore he never does. It would be totally cool if he did, though.

    • Emma says:

      I remember you mentioning meeting your husband like that. That is so cool. We have no wacky conferences or parties like that over here. Boo! I need to start looking in different places if I want to find a guy with similar interests to me. There’s a shortage of eligible men at the moment. 🙂
      The Lurker Chair sounds good! I never got into Bones. Maybe they’ll work it into the plot some episode, like maybe he’s having a dream after seeing a vampire movie and in the dream he vamps out?

      • That’s an awesome idea! We need to send a note to the writers.

        As for meeting David ~ I was set up by a friend. Her exact words to me were, ‘I know this guy, he’s kind of a geek but I think you’d like him.’ It didn’t exactly inspire romance in my mind. In fact, I showed up at the party with frizzed out hair (thanks humidity!), wearing sweat pants, and with my 4 year-old daughter. Yeah, I was looking for love, not! I figured at the very least I could mess with him and have a laugh. Turns out, he was totally a geek and I really did like him.

        The lesson here? Whenever a friend says she knows a guy, maybe give it a chance. Oh, and try to date outside of your ‘type’. David totally isn’t my ‘type’ (bad boy, tattoos, motorcycles, heart breaker), which is probably why we’re still married. Turns out my type wasn’t into long term relationships. At least not with me.

        Better yet, come to California! My husband works at a company full of geeks who would love to spoil a girl like you!

      • Emma says:

        You see that’s when you meet someone, when you’re not looking, apparently. I’m really happy for you. And you got the bad boy out of your system first! I would love to visit California. I really want to travel around the US and if by some stroke of good fortune I do get to do that someday soon, I’m looking you up!

  7. Lovely post, thoroughly enjoyed reading, thanks Emma. Will confess I was/am a major x-files fan. I particularly loved the more episodic/stand alone ones where they weren’t following the long long trail that took up so much time later, which was of course, also fascinating. Thanks, Kevin

  8. Megan says:

    I liked Angel and Buffy early on. When Angel got his own show I think I liked him better with Cordelia. I know this isn’t really “supernatural” but I also really liked Chloe and Davis from Smallville.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Megan, I didn’t really mind the romance with Cordelia but felt that Angel and Buffy were meant to be soulmates and his relationship with Cordelia didn’t feel as real as his with Buffy. I only caught Smallville every now and then so not familiar with Davis.

  9. Oh! I SO loved Michael and Maria from Roswell. They were the best 🙂
    Great post.

  10. vinnieh says:

    Great post, Have you ever seen Charmed? There is a couple in that who I think would make one of the best supernatural pairings.

  11. Debra Kristi says:

    Psyched to see you post Michael and Maria of Roswell! Love them! I also really loved Cole with Phoebe.

    When Buffy first began I was all about the Buffy and Angel relationship, but I became a Buffy, Spike convert. That relationship held more spark. It was exciting and he showed more personal growth for her than any guy on the series. It was so romantic. He continued to stand by her even though he knew she didn’t love him back. Sigh.

    I completely agree that X-Files ran too long thus running out of steam. Too bad, but I do believe it was their baby. I, too, was only watching the show off and on at that point.

    I haven’t tuned in for American Horror Story, but now I totally want to see it! Thanks!

    • Emma says:

      So glad you love Michael and Maria too, Debra!!. A lot of people don’t seem to know Roswell. I’ll have to write a proper post on that TV show soon.

      Lots of people feel the same about Buffy, Angel and Spike. Buffy & Angel seemed to have this beautiful Romeo & Juliet love about them, but when Angel headed off to LA, their love story became cheapened somehow, especially when they started hooking up with other people. It has to be said, right now that Spike is one of my favourite vampires ever.

      It was their baby? Very good. Those two deserved a little bit of happiness. And if you get around to seeing American Horror Story, let me know. It’s a short series, only 12 episodes I think.

  12. I LOVED Roswell. Michael and Maria were nuts and hilarious…they were kind of like the supernatural version of Sam & Diane from cheers. I thought the way Alex and Isabel’s story ended was sad & hoped somehow she found her way into Kyle’s arms…

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