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Film Review: Breaking Dawn (Loved It)

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this film. Though I am an avid fan of the Twilight books, their translation to the screen hasn’t been smooth.  Dialogue that was a little corny on the page had me cringing in my seat during the last three movies and I was extremely puzzled by how the makeup artists of New Moon and Eclipse seemed so intent on making supposedly beautiful creatures look so horrible.  The lack of action on screen has also not helped.  The result of such low expectations? I loved Breaking Dawn, particularly the second half when the movie really picked up speed.

Dialogue still cringeworthy? Check.  Vampire makeup still awful? Double check.  (Note to those responsible for this on the Twilight movies, Interview with the Vampire was shot back in 1993 and the makeup people on that flick, nearly twenty years ago were able to make the vampires pale but pretty!)  Okay I’ll let this gripe go for now.

So why did I enjoy Breaking Dawn so much?  SPOILERS AHEAD.  Do Not Continue Reading If You Haven’t Seen BD Yet.

There was a welcome return of the film score from Twilight which had a beautiful soundtrack and the CGI effects were amazing, particularly the way they altered Bella’s body.  I never understood how badly her body suffered when I read Breaking Dawn but seeing her emaciated form on screen was shocking.   I have found Stewart bland in the last two films but she impressed me here with her acting skills.  Her fear turning to confidence walking down the aisle, her sadness when saying goodbye to Jacob as they danced, and her agony during the birth scene were all conveyed well.  Pattinson doesn’t have much to do as the lovelorn Edward but I did sit up and take notice of him when he’s in the make-shift hospital room with Bella after she’s been told she’ll die from heart failure.  His outburst, “You haven’t given me a choice,” finally allowed him to show another emotion other than poetic melancholy.

I enjoyed the comedy which has been much needed in this saga.  Emmett as always had me laughing with his one-liners.  Charlie continues to be one of my favourite characters, and a dishevelled and a tipsy Renee singing a lullaby to Bella on stage at the wedding reception had me in stitches.  Bella’s attempt to seduce Edward in her black lingerie was played for laughs and provided some much needed light relief.  Aro’s brief appearance at the end was a delight.  “First it’s the spelling, then it’s the grammar.”

The venom spreading through Bella’s body was beautifully portrayed as was her changing body from human to vampire.  Her life flashing before her eyes at the moment of her human death was genuinely touching.  It was nice to see her human friends at the wedding, even it was too brief, and Jacob and his werewolf pack got some more screen time.

I’m looking forward to the next part; it’s just a shame we have to wait a whole year. ****