Book Review: Bone Dressing by Michelle Brooks

Syd is a complex teenager.  She’s had a crappy childhood and tends to get into trouble at school and with her put-upon foster parents.  She also likes to curse something fierce and is a loyal and a great friend to her best pal Patricia.  From the opening sentence the reader is sucked into Syd’s overloaded mind.  Warning! There is a lot going on in there and you will need to pay constant attention to keep up with her rapid fire thoughts, but it’s worth it.  Syd is headstrong, grouchy and loves hanging out at cemeteries and she is a big fan of rain and storms, all things I can relate to.  (The cemetery part was back in my own teenage years just to point out)

Enter the alluring Beau, the young Sarah and their pet panther and the paranormal aspect starts to kick in.  I don’t want to give away the plot but suffice to say that these 3 aid Syd in going back (we’re talking way back) into her past to set things right.

I did find Syd’s ramblings confusing at first but her fiery personality hooked me and I kept reading.  The second half of the book moves much more quickly.  As well as the supernatural elements, Brooks deals with more serious issues such as misuse of authority and sexual harassment and abuse.  Syd exudes a tough-cookie attitude (I like to see this in female characters) and was a pleasure to follow, and I will definitely be reading the next part in the Bone Dressing series.  ****

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