TV Time: The Vampire Diaries: Team Stefan or Team Damon?


I can already hear some people scoffing at the frivolity of this post but every now and then we need some light-hearted debating, and besides, it’s Friday, time for the fun to begin!  For me, watching The Vampire Diaries is a break from reality.  Work, bills, relationships, money and day-to-day living can be tough, especially in this economy, so it’s nice to forget my worries for an hour every week by getting lost in the fictional world of Mystic Falls.  To fill the void left by the lack of TVD episode this week, let’s look at the two vampire leads and see which brother captures your heart.

Stefan was behaving in an extremely un-Stefan like manner at the start of this series.  He’d taken off with Klaus and left a trail of dismembered bodies across the country.  Yes, that’s right, Stefan doesn’t just kill his victims to drink their blood, he beheads and poses them too.  For awhile we were able to blame his bad behaviour on Klaus but then he got even worse.  Not only was he murdering people but he was basically treating Elena like (gasp) just another ex-girlfriend.  It’s probably not good to admit this but it’s the latter that bothered me more.  He also managed to pull one over on the 1000 year old vampire Klaus by kidnapping his family and being the better villain. What has been the result of such coldness and bad boy behaviour?  He may now outrank Damon as the show’s hottest vampire.

Damon on the other hand has gone from being the crazy, unreliable and dangerous vampire to spending a lot of time this season making moon eyes at Elena, and generally behaving himself.  Result?  Not nearly as sexy as he used to be.  And that long awaited kiss with Elena was such a let down.  Where was the passion, the lust, the desperation?  It was as boring and uninspiring as the kiss shared between Jacob and Bella in Eclipse.

When discussing TVD with my sister and friends, nine times out of ten over the past two years it’s been Damon who’s taken the sexy crown.  There I’ve been, constantly defending my choice:  “Just because Stefan’s good doesn’t make him boring,” and “look how much he loves Elena; he’d do anything for her,” I’d fruitlessly speak up, only to be knocked down again and again.  But my, how the tables have turned.  While most of my VD gang aren’t willing to completely give up on Damon yet, they are suddenly looking at Stefan with new interest.  What is it about fictional guys behaving like jackasses that makes our hearts pound?  Stefan acting like, well a vampire a few weeks ago in the car with Elena on Wickery Bridge reeled me in completely.  Part of me wanted to see him take his darkness to the next level.

So now that we’ve known the Salvatore brothers for a couple of years who would you rather have bite you?  Or, like many, are you now looking beyond the Salvatore boys to the vampire with the sexy, British accent, Klaus?


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39 Responses to TV Time: The Vampire Diaries: Team Stefan or Team Damon?

  1. Christie says:

    So I stopped watching this a couple of years ago, but started in again a few weeks ago. I had no idea what Stephan had been up to and I didn’t see him with Elena on the bridge. Darn it! Anyway, when I read the books, I was always drawn more to Damon. What is it about the bad boy? I am seriously regretting missing so much in this series now. Stephan is a hard sell to me with being a bad boy. Maybe if I had seen him on the bridge, I might feel different. Who knows. My vote is still Damon.

  2. I’ve never watched the series or read the books, but I’ll go with the one on the right. He seems like the dark mysterious one haha

  3. Emma says:

    Damon is winning people! Come on, show Stefan some love.
    Christie you should watch a few episodes from this season; Stefan is so attractive now as the bad boy. And Nate, thank you for your male perspective 🙂

  4. I’m still team Damon. When I first started catching up on the Salvatore brothers on Netflix, I thought I would always like Stefan better. That changed fairly quickly. But now that Stefan is bad, I actually like him even less and I like Damon even more. I think what I like is a guy that has bad in his nature but is strong enough to suppress it most of the time. When Damon was randomly breaking the neck of innocents, I didn’t really like him.

    To me, the most intense scene between Damon and Elena is when he first tells her he loves her and doesn’t deserve her. Then he makes her forget. I cried. I agree that the kiss was a let down. I’m hoping for some more passion later.

    Did you watch Buffy? If so, do you see the parallel between Angel/Spike and Stefan/Damon?

  5. Lee F says:

    Team Stefan! Seeing as I’m a guy who isn’t constantly watching the show for the hot guys, I actually pay full attention to the interactions & the storyline. All I see is Delena fans who only see what they want to. Most now use Damon’s currently personality as reason why he deserves to be with Elena, despite the fact Stefan was exactly the same through season 1 & 2. Also I can’t help how emotionally manipulative Damon is. At the beginning of Season 3 he forces Elena to admit she cares about him. Why? He then says it’s because he wants her to remember how she felt when he saves Stefan. For one thing she said she was worried about him, not that she loved him. I just appears to me that he’s trying to make more out of what she’s saying & make her doubt her own reasons for feeling that way. And when she says it’s not right for him to kiss her he says it is, just not right now. Last time I checked it was her decision whether or not something was right & this only continues to force his feelings onto her. I know this is a complete rant but it irritates me that Damon can say he wishes Elena would die in S1 & killing her brother in S2 and still be fan favourite but when Stefan, who was forced to stop caring, says she’s a human blood bag, he’s a douche (well he is but they blame him for it!).
    Rant over.

  6. Emma says:

    Lauralynn: oh ya, that scene was really powerful. Ok I’m wavering back to Damon again. See how fickle I am! I loved Buffy; it’s still my favourite tv show ever. Yes def parallel going on. When it came to Buffy I preferred Spike (I never forgave Angel from leaving her & Sunnydale behind). I think it’s safe to say I spend way too much time in fictional worlds 🙂

  7. Emma says:

    Hi Lee, so we have our first Team Stefan vote (not including mine). Nice rant btw. Damon has always been selfish and arrogant but perhaps that’s part of his charm. I don’t think Elena feels anywhere near the same love for Damon that she has for Stefan, it’s just physical attraction at this point but who knows what’s going to happen in the future. If Stefan doesn’t get his ass in gear soon, she might start something up with his big bro and that would be great entertainment for us watchers.

  8. laura says:

    Im throwing in a new character…go team Elijah!!! Love him! But anyway love Damon but liking Stefan a bit more now. I fear though Emma, my heart will remain Damon’s no matter what happens!!! On another issue, how could u prefer Spike to Angel?!! Angel was terrible to leave Buffy in Sunnydale but he had no other choice! Buffy was not being reasonable about their doomed relationship! She goes on to use poor Spike in season6!! Like Spike but no comparison to gorgeous, sexy, totally & wonderfully fabulastic Angel!!! 😀 😉 😀

  9. Emma says:

    Wow such a passionate response Laura 🙂 I love Elijah and am so delighted that he’s back. You and I are always gonna disagree about Angel & Spike I think. Maybe it’s Spike’s fake British accent that got me!

  10. Debra Kristi says:

    Okay! Now I was able to check your cool piece out and comment. I had to wait till after I finished mine. Didn’t want it to influence me. 🙂 But I see we took a slightly different angle. I covered the boys today as well. How funny! I hadn’t given much thought to Eiijah. That’s an interesting one. He’s fairly old. I’m not sure if he would be interested in a little high school girl. He might consider that beneath him. I totally see your point about Stefane. I am torn. I find Damon so darn sexy and irresistible. But there is something about him that is so bad for Elena as well. And why is Elena so lucky anyway? As for Angel and Spike – put me on team Spike! If you’re interested, check out Immortal Monday ღ Angle vs. Spike: The Immortal Men of Buffy.

  11. Emma says:

    Hi Debra. Thanks for stopping by. I just checked my emails & saw you have a Vampire Diaries post up too so that’s my next stop 🙂 I don’t think Elijah would ever go for Elena, not after Katherine anyway. I think I remember him saying something about her bad behaviour in one episode. Damon IS sexy; I can’t deny that but I do want Stefan to come back to Elena.
    It’s so funny how caught up we get in the goings-on of Mystic Falls!

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  13. Shannon says:

    I can’t resist chiming in now that I know about this blog. I am even more Team Damon now that Stefan has gone bad. Stefan’s charm was that he was the good one and I was all for him and Elena being together. Now, not so much. My sentiments are starting to align with Klaus’ comment about being done with the lot of them. Although I can’t stand Klaus. Elijah, on the other hand . . . 🙂 I always had a soft spot for Damon because he was kind of a lonely pitiful sensitive type who learned to be bad to cope with that. Plus he’s got that witty streak. As for Buffy, she and Angel have that incredible desperate love and need for each other. But, ah, Spike, he was so darn funny. I have a weakness for sharp wit.

    • Emma says:

      I think Stefan is slowly coming around to his old self if the last couple of episodes are anything to go by. As for Elijah! That vampire is gorgeous and I just love the fact that he is such a gentleman. I can picture him as a medieval knight 🙂 Damon is sexy as hell; I recently re-watched season one and that fact is undeniable. Spike is a hilarious character, more so before he got with Buffy I think.

  14. Indiewritersreview says:

    I love Vampire Diaries! Luv Damon:) Great Blog! I’m a faithful follower now:)

  15. Emma says:

    Aw thanks Michelle! Damon seems to have snared most of the vote to absolutely no one’s surprise 🙂

  16. Silvia says:

    Team Damon from the beginning! ❤ (btw I can't help myself, I like Klaus a lot! :P)
    And since I'm a HUGE Btvs fan (best TV show EVER!!!!): Team Spike! 😉

    • Emma says:

      I like Klaus but I am finding myself drawn more and more to Elijah; he’s fabulous! I really hope he gets more screen time this season. Maybe they can do a spin off following the Original vampires; that would be epic.
      And I am Team Spike all the way 🙂

  17. Paradox says:

    The good girl in me says Stefan all the way – The bad girl in me screams DAMON!

  18. In real life I probably wouldn’t like Damon, but he’s just so nice to look at. 🙂

  19. Paradox says:

    Damon EVERY TIME. I like Stefan…. but DAMON 🙂 🙂 And i love the kiss that he and Elena shared at that out of town motel 🙂 Out of the ancients, I really like Elijah.

  20. Shah Wharton says:

    I’m all about Damon. Stephan is a dweeb!

  21. MissQ says:

    Damon is ridiculously hot. even when you try to ignore him. I’ve been sired to him since the first episode, first season. Stefan never held a chance. Look at Damon’s eyes, his posture, his security, his charm, his everlasting love. Insecure, ugly-duckling little Stephan never had a chance. sorry, but Damon is the alpha vampire. and the Omega. Stefan is an insecure little twat. They will go against the novels in order to honor Ian’s superiority. as an actor. as an icon. Plus, they’re lovers in real life. Paul Wesley was an over-sight, but Ian Somerhalder is the eye candy the casting crew underestimated.

  22. Eva Vargas says:

    Team Stefan forever and always… I seem to disagree with everyone… I think Stefan (Paul Wesley) is 100 times better looking than Damon (Ian). On top of that Stefan stayed in mystic falls for Elena, Damon was there for Katherine. He watched his brother and Elena fall in love with each other and even though Stefan and Damon have gone back and forth saving each other Stefan never changed his feelings towards Elena even though klaus made him turn his humanity off. I think Damon is a jerk for making his brothers girl catch feelings for him during the time Elena and Damon were working together to save Stefan. Stefan and Elena are perfect for each other. Hands down! If Damon wins her at the end of this series I will be very upset. Team Stefan !!!!!

    • Emma says:

      I was one of the few in the first 2 season of TVD screaming Team Stefan so I know where you’re coming from. Something tells me the writers will have Elena and Stefan back in each other’s arms for the finale of season 4.

  23. GH ndhndnhcnjcjf says:

    Team Stefan all the way!

  24. HAHAHA NO says:

    Team Stefan ! ❤

  25. kittyb78 says:

    Team Damon all the way. Have been since he first showed up.

    Stephan has his good points, but ultimately I don’t think he cares enough about Elana’s wishes. Especially lately. She’s trying to adjust to being a vampire, and instead of helping her, he’s determined to turn her human again.

  26. BReBre says:

    Team damon always!!!!!!<3<3<3<3<3

  27. Roody says:

    Stefan, stefan, stefan, stefan, stefan, stefan, stefan , stefan, stefan , stefan
    my beloved one ❤

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