Book Review: The Ghosts of Morpeth by Ann Nyland (Amy’s back for more paranormal shenanigans)

Such a delight to spend time with paranormal blogger and journalist Amy Stuart once more.

Having read and enjoyed Nyland’s book The Dashwood Haunting, the first part in the Amy Stuart Paranormal Blogger series, I was looking forward to reading the follow up story.  Once again, the author had me laughing from the first page with her descriptions of Amy’s boss, Skinny who is an uber bitch, desperate to get her fired.  Aussie woman Amy is a girl after my own heart, logging onto Facebook while she should be working.  I’d forgotten how easy Nyland’s witty, writing style was to read.  I had fun with Amy on the ghost tour at the start of the book, having been on a similar one myself in Edinburgh.  The tour guide, Gavin  is not too happy to be quizzed about the factual evidence of orbs as spirits.  The ‘ghost’ that pops up now and again to scare the spectators looks suspiciously like someone paid to scare the patrons to Amy, and the guide doesn’t like her questions one bit.

So to the plot: Amy visits the old town of Morpeth to find out why a ghost tour has suddenly shut down. She’s now a Keeper of the Society (following her shenanigans in book one), though both she and the reader do not know what that means.  Now Amy can sense spirits, but funnily enough not in Morpeth which is meant to be a mecca for ghosts. What is going on here?  Someone doesn’t like Amy’s investigation and she soon finds herself in one spot of bother after the next.

Amy’s humour/Nyland’s writing style cracks me up.  Amy is checking a building for criminals and looks first in the big cupboards for big criminals, and then in the small cupboards for smaller criminals, cause you never what size an intruder might be!  I did get a little bored during the reading out of spells by the dullest professor I’ve ever encountered and believe me I’ve met a few.  Amy has similar taste in tv shows to me; I loved the reference to Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural and asking herself WWBD –  what would Buffy do.  Who says television can’t be helpful?

Like the last book, we get lots of intriguing historical bites and vibrant descriptions of the towns and streets Amy walks.  Amy’s like a tour guide herself and she is a joy to spend time with.   Along with the ghosts, this story is filled with voodoo, hoodoo, voudou, magic, bad men messing with sorcery and a mysterious and charming English boyfriend who works for a secret organisation like MI6, only it deals with the supernatural.

The Ghosts of Morpeth is a wonderful, light paranormal read with just a hint of romance. ****

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2 Responses to Book Review: The Ghosts of Morpeth by Ann Nyland (Amy’s back for more paranormal shenanigans)

  1. I just went over to Amazon and downloaded the first book in the series. Because, you know, I don’t read books out of order. LOL. Both books look like my kind of story, so I’ll probably be picking this one up after finishing the first one. 🙂

    • Emma says:

      I’m sure the author will be delighted. Hope you enjoy The Dashwood Haunting. Amy’s a really fun character to spend time with.

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