Sunshine Blog Award

The lovely Laura Stanfill awarded me the Sunshine Blog Award.  Thanks for thinking of me Laura.

The award comes with some rules:                                                                                          1.Include the award logo in  the post.                                                                                                                                      2.Link back and thank those that nominated me.                                                                                                           3.Answer 10 random questions about myself and/or tell seven random facts.                                                                                                                     4.Nominate 10 other bloggers and link them to the award in their comments section.

I’ll answer the questions Laura set.

What’s one of your favorite books from childhood?                                                  The Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton.

What are you reading right now?                                                                                          A celebrity magazine.

What’s a go-to meal you make on busy weeknights?                                           Chicken curry and rice.

Favorite thing to do in your free time?                                                                        Watch tv and enjoy a hot cup of tea.

Favorite season?                                                                                                                   Winter. I love wearing warm clothes and the possibility of snow.

Favorite magazine?                                                                                                                Don’t really have one, probably NOW.

Favorite author?                                                                                                                  Marian Keyes at the moment.

Favorite teacher (and why)?                                                                                               Miss Murphy from primary school. Lovely woman, I had her for three years so the class really felt close to her.

AP Style, Chicago Style, neither, or a mix of both?                                                     Neither I guess.

Do you prefer reading short stories or novels?                                                          Both. If I’m busy it’s nice to read a short story or novella.

Since I recently tagged 11 people in a Random Question game, I’m just going to pass this on to 5 blogs.

Tameri Etherton from A Cup of Tea and Sorcery because her blog is always full of sunshine and warmth.                                                                                                                                         Darlene Steelman because her blogs posts are inspirational.                                             Emma Bauer from In Other Words.  Her varied posts bring a smile to my face.              Michelle Cornwell-Jordan from Indie Writers Review.  Her blog is a friendly and welcoming place for indie writers and musicians.                                                                                       Paprika Furstenburg from Good Humored. I enjoy reading her witty, real life tales.

I’d like to ask you guys the same questions Laura asked me, except for the AP style question.  Instead, I’d like to swap that question for:  If you could be a character in any book, who would you be?

If you don’t want to answer those 10 questions, tell us  7 random things about yourself.                                      

Thanks for playing!



18 thoughts on “Sunshine Blog Award

      1. Thanks for answering my questions, Emma! Yum, chicken curry! AP Style and Chicago are both style guides for English. Newspapers use AP and the publishing world uses Chicago. (Odd that this fascinates me, but it does!) The guides ensure standard grammar throughout a manuscript and within a publishing house, and from newspaper to newspaper.

  1. Ooh! You were a Faraway Tree girl too! I don’t know why I loved it so much. But I read it soo many times. And to continue the random reply game: I only read novels (short stories aren’t long enough to immerse myself into), and tea goes well with any sort of relaxing or hard work. Yup, tea suits anything!

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