Short Reads: Enjoy over a Cup of Tea or Coffee

The below stories are not only short enough to fit in around a busy schedule, but they’re also free!

Crimson by L.H. Cosway
For any Tegan’s Blood fans, the short novella, Crimson will keep you nicely tied over until the third book in the series comes out.
The fabulous Tegan’s Blood and Tegan’s Return are told from Tegan’s point of view, but if you ever wondered what was running through Ethan’s mind the first time he met her, read Crimson, right now.  Romanian vampire, Ethan Cristescu quite fancies the lonely looking, dark haired beauty who wanders into a private area of his club one evening.  Tegan smells like the sun and he is determined to find out why and get to know her, in every way possible!!   It was great to delve inside Ethan’s mind and find out what he was thinking when he first set eyes on Tegan.
What are you waiting for? It’s free from Smashwords now.


Green Lake by John Raab and Donald Allen Kirch
Green Lake, California is a small town hung up on urban legends and curses. It was the first town in America to burn a witch at the stake, and that particular witch vowed to get her revenge centuries later. In this short story, the first of what the writers say will be an ongoing series similar to a TV show, we meet Joe and Mary Barrett, an old married couple arguing over breakfast.  Looks like it’s revenge time and there will be hell to pay for the townsfolk!                                                                                      I read this in ten minutes and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next part.
Grab it free from Smashwords


Second Honeymoon by Mark Souza
I previously read Souza’s excellent short, horror story “Appliances Included” so I had to go back for more.  He’s a skilled storyteller and Second Honeymoon didn’t disappoint.
Jack Duncan can’t wait to get his hands on the life insurance payout after his wife dies, but he’s not too happy to learn she changed the terms of the policy.  Instead of money, Jack receives a clone of his deceased spouse.  Too bad he was the one who offed his wife in the first place.
Free from Smashwords.

Have you read any good short story lately?


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7 Responses to Short Reads: Enjoy over a Cup of Tea or Coffee

  1. beckyday6 says:

    I don’t really read short stories. I don’t know why…they just don’t appeal to me as much, I like a nice fleshed out story, I don’t have anything against them either but I just don’t tend to pick them up. Perhaps I should try to fix that…

  2. I’m not a big fan of short stories because I’m usually left hanging at the end, wondering what happened. However, I’ve read a few that actually had an ending. Green Lake sounds so good, but since it’s a serial, I’m wondering how often the rest will come out. But it looks REALLY good, so it might be worth it. And I might check out Second Honeymoon…an interesting premise.

    • Emma says:

      If you read Green Lake, let me know what you think. You’ll have it finished in ten minutes. It’s really just a taster.
      Mark Souza is a great writer. Have a look at his story, Appliances Included about a haunted house. It’s really, really scary.

  3. I like short stories – you can fit them in anywhere!
    Nice stuff here – thanks

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