Film Review: 28 Weeks Later (Just as Good as 28 Days Later)

It’s rare that a sequel shines as brightly as its predecessor, but that is the case here; at least I think so.

It’s been 28 weeks since the outbreak, and the US Army have landed in London.  All the infected in mainland Britain have died of starvation, and it’s deemed safe enough to bring back the citizens and try to build up a new society.

The film has an explosive and heart wrenching opening. Robert Carlisle, his wife and a few other survivors are holed up in a dark cottage, trying to remain hidden from the infected and living on canned food and in candlelight.  The cottage is breached and Carlisle flees, leaving his wife to be torn apart by zombies.

He is reunited with his son and daughter at the US Army base in London, but his kids aren’t satisfied with his explanation of their mother’s death. They sneak out and return to their old home, wanting a photograph of their mom.  What they find is their mother, alive in the attic and infected. Turns out, she’s a carrier but before the army can terminate her and study her blood, all hell breaks loose when she bestows a deadly kiss on her cowardly husband. The following scenes of mayhem as the army loses control and is ordered to kill everything that walks, both zombies and  innocent civilians, are riveting.

Sergeant Doyle, played by the always lovely, Jeremy Renner, is unable to go through with his orders and abandons his post.  He teams up with a doctor, (played by Rose Byrne) who explains the kids’ blood may hold the key to a cure.  They have to make sure they get the kids to safety, but the army wants them dead and stalks them through the eerily empty streets of London.

The zombies, or the infected as they are called in 28 Weeks are far more frightening than those in The Walking Dead.  Just like in 28 Days Later, they can run as fast as humans, and the deaths are grizzly and gory.  Byrne, Renner, Mackintosh Muggleton and Imogen Poots (the brother and sister) all deliver excellent performances.

It’s also fascinating to watch the citizens of London return to an empty city, surrounded by the heavy security of the always watchful US army.  I’ve seen reviews online saying 28 Weeks Later is a critical response to the presence of US soldiers in the Middle East. I’m not so sure if that’s the case, but regardless of the politics, 28 Weeks Later is an entertaining horror movie with intelligence and heart, thanks to the likeable cast. *****

This film also brought Jeremy Renner to my attention.  You may recognise him from The Bourne Legacy?  I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for 28 Months Later.

Which do you prefer? 28 Days Later, or 28 Weeks Later?

I wrote a guest post over at Tears of Crimson today on my vampire and supernatural obsession. Stop by if you get the chance.                                                                                 

Have an excellent weekend everyone!


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26 Responses to Film Review: 28 Weeks Later (Just as Good as 28 Days Later)

  1. Great review, honestly could not say which is better, love them both. The sight of US soldiers in full combat mode in London was very disconcerting and definitely prompts a few questions. 28 months later??? Hmmmm, hadn’t though of that!! Kevin

  2. Days but both are good, good review 😀

  3. Great review, Emma. I must admit I haven’t seen either of these, but now I should! Also, awesome guest post.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, too. 😀

  4. Believe it or not, I loved this movie but didn’t think the 1st one was so great. A lot of things about 28 Days just annoyed me, the horriblly long and boring opening scene with that lousy music… the captured zombie (just like Day of the Dead)… to me, it was just an atypical zombie film, set in London. However, I thought 28 Weeks was fantastic – from the fast paced opening sequence ’til the end. It had some strong thoughts and commentary behind it, which made it a cut above average.

  5. I have to, well I don’t have to, but I do agree with Parlor of Horror, ’28 weeks’ was the much better film in my opinion. But I prefer Zombieland to both of them. I LOVED Zombieland I still walk around randomly spitting out rules and their corresponding numbers from that movie (yes I’m one of those annoying people who quote movies all the time or take things you said and relate them to random songs).

  6. What does it say about me that the thing that’s most interesting about this movie is there is a character named Imogene Poots? I truly am a sick person. *shakes head*

  7. I’m not sick, I just had a shot of tequila (or two), but still POOT! On a serious note though, poot.

  8. You’re right about sequels usually disappointing – but this is encouraging. Thanks

  9. Shannon says:

    I wouldn’t have thought this movie would be so good but I might have to check it out. With a few friends over, of course, and lots of cocktails. Had no idea Jeremy Renner was in it. That’s an added incentive for sure!

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