In Mourning for The Vampire Diaries

I didn’t think it would happen for another season, maybe two if I was lucky, but I’m falling out of love with The Vampire Diaries. I thought season 3 was a little dodgy: Stefan went off the rails, Damon spent too many episodes making moon eyes at Elena rather than being his typical bad ass self, the writers made Alaric evil, then killed him off, but something still worked. Then season 4 happened. The writers decided to thrust the Sire Bond nonsense upon us, and this once entertaining and intriguing TV show descended into mediocrity, as far as I’m concerned anyway.

Stand by Me

Elena & her vampire men
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I’m still watching it every week. But hey, I watched Lost to the very end and shook my head at myself for every hour I wasted on a story going nowhere.

The Sire Bond Nonsense:. It first reared its ugly head when Elena and Damon slept together. Caroline decided Elena must not be able to think for herself and that the only possible explanation for getting together with Damon must be a sire bond. She’s under his control, and anything he tells her to do, she must do. Stefan immediately went along with this, rather than asking himself if his descent into decapitating murderer in season 3 may have given Elena pause when it came to her feelings for him.

A View to a Kill

We always have the 80s decade dance, Stefan tells Rebekah.
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In New Orleans, we learn sire bonds apparently form when the human already has feelings for the vampire who turns her. From my thinking, many vampires become vamps because they want to be with the person they love forever. Wouldn’t that mean that thousands of vampires in the world are therefore sire bonded to their maker? Damon was in love with Katherine before he was turned, yet he never listened to her. Plot holes galore. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the writers will redeem themselves by the end of this season and expose the sire bond as bullshit.

Characters have to evolve as the years go by, but they’re not supposed to veer so far off their path that they make absolutely no sense anymore. Elena was held up as the epitome of compassion, yet she recently orchestrated the mass murder of vampires all over the world without a sliver of guilt. I watched her discuss her plan for genocide calmly with Jeremy, and my mouth hung open. Who is this person? I wondered. I then realised I no longer knew who to root for on this show. Our ‘good’ vampires aren’t actually good people. They’re as bad as Klaus and every other murdering vampire they’ve fought against in the past. Earlier this season, our ‘good’ vampires sacrificed a hybrid buddy of Tyler’s in cold blood so Jeremy could kill him and develop his Hunter’s tattoo. Our ‘good’ vampires are killers, and Elena could be seen as the worst of the lot.  When the viewers stop caring about the characters, there’s only trouble ahead.


These guys are leaving Mystic Falls for their own spin-off show soon.
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Stefan is unrecognisable from the man he once was. Elena has become very like Katherine. The only person left who is somewhat like himself from the beginning is Damon. And thank God for Rebekah and Klaus. At the moment, they are about the only people I enjoy watching on this show – and they’re leaving for their own show.  I hear Elijah is coming back soon. Hopefully he can do something to salvage the boring nature of season 4.

So far this season, there have only been perhaps three of four excellent episodes. The rest have been mediocre, and don’t get me started on the show’s penchant for killing off characters. Okay, I’m taking a deep breath. Rant over. I’m simply frustrated that one of the best paranormal shows of recent years has fallen so far from greatness, in my eyes anyway. At least I’ll always have my season 1 and 2 boxsets to remind me of the good old days of Mystic Falls.


Sound off in the comments. Do you think I’m completely wrong. Is season 4 your favourite? Are you going to watch The Originals?


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38 Responses to In Mourning for The Vampire Diaries

  1. I’m so with you on this. I was just telling a friend last week that if I missed an episode this season I don’t think I’d be missing anything really. So sad.

    • Emma says:

      I’m waiting for someone to disagree. From Twitter, I see lots of people love this season. I’m the same, L.J. If I missed an episode, I wouldn’t care.

  2. Indiewritersreview says:

    I agree, I feel as if the writers are writing themesleves in a circle, round and round…she’s with Stefan then Damon and, really after all that’s happen…HOW could she go back to Stefan, and if she doesn’t ….it really doesnt look like it will work with Damon(although I am very much Team Damon and would want it too…) Idk, I believe it might be time to cut their losses, I do hope I am wrong because I am a huge fan!

    • Emma says:

      You’re a loyal Team Damon fan, Michelle. 🙂
      I don’t see how she could ever go back to Stefan at this point – too much has happened. I loved the early seasons of this show, but now it’s just going nowhere. The cure for vampirism? No, please, no.

  3. ellamedler says:

    And herein lies the reason why I don’t watch vampire series. Especially drawn-out ones. At least I gave up on Lost early on, as soon as it stopped making sense. I get a rash at plot holes and inconsistencies. LOL. Just rated a top 100 kindle book 3 stars for exactly that reason. If your work is not improving, you should give it up. On screen and on kindle, and I guess in music too.
    I would wish you happy watching, but I’m not sure that’s appropriate at this point, Emma. Maybe patience would work better here. 🙂

    • Emma says:

      Ella, well done you for giving up on Lost. I should have done it, but stupidly stuck around to the very end.
      I’m working on my patience!

  4. Mae Clair says:

    I am one of those few people who have never seen an episode of Vampire Diaries. Shocking, huh? But I gave up on Lost very early in season 3. It’s hard for me to stick with a show a long time (mainly because there aren’t very many good ones around these days). I’m still in love with Once Upon a Time, Sherlock and Merlin. The fact that Merlin is in it’s final season (fifth, I think) is a shocker for me that I’ve hung around this long. Probably because I catch most of the eps on DVD or DVR.

    Sorry to hear your show has taken a slide. It’s so disappointing when a show you love fumbles and drops the ball, especially when there is usually so little available to replace it. I’ll cross my fingers for you it gets back on track quickly!

    • Emma says:

      And there are werewolves on this show, too, Mae – right up your alley!
      I’ve never seen any of those shows, but I think I would really love Once Upon A Time. I might treat myself to the boxset and have a duvet day. 🙂

      Cheers for keeping your fingers crossed. 😉

  5. You are not wrong. I have a bunch of this season on DVR and I keep trying to decide whether or not to delete them. I can always watch on Netflix when the season is over if I decide to watch at all. I don’t like Elena as a vampire. It’s just all weird and crazy this season.

    • Emma says:

      I remember you saying before you don’t like Elena as a vampire. I don’t either, but then again I’ve always found her a bit annoying.:) But when she planned that mass murder by killing Klaus’ brother, she really went a step too far.

  6. You know I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. So much so, I’m worried that I’ll have to pick another show to review next season.

    I miss those crazy WTF? moments, the on-the-edge-of-your-seat plot lines. They missed so many great opportunities by having Elena resist being a vampire. Yet, I just realized, with the exception of Damon and Klaus, not one of them actually wants to be immortal. Which is super strange, considering this is a vampire show. If that’s the way they want it, they might as well come up with some lame plot line where they all try to be human again . . . Oh, wait. Never mind.

    And they wonder why we all love Damon and Klaus. The show has become so disappointing. I won’t even go into a rant about that stupid sire bond. It’s not worth it, and frankly, we don’t have the time.

    I’m really hoping the Orginals spinoff pulls through, but I have some serious concerns about the logistics of the whole thing. I’ve heard several rumors about constant flashbacks (Which is definitely not working out for Arrow) and Haley the werewolf being a key player (Not a fan).

    Hopefully, TVD gets back on track. But, I gotta say, it’s not looking good.

    On a different note, I was and will be a diehard Lost fan until the end. Who cares if it didn’t make sense? It was a great show! 😉

    • Emma says:

      Whoa, Kim, tell us how you really feel. Lol.
      You’re right. What’s with vampires not wanting to be vampires? I think they have it pretty sweet. They stay young forever, they can still go out in sunlight, they’re strong and confident. What’s not to like about that?

      I haven’t heard much about The Originals apart from the fact it’s set in New Orleans. I think Haley was a bit of a pointless character in The Vampire Diaries, though I like the actress who plays her. She was great in The Secret Circle.

      Okay, apologies for any offence caused to Lost fans. 🙂

  7. I know what you mean about the show getting somewhat absurd. First of all, you have Jeremy becoming a hunter and then *spoiler alert* dying. Seriously. Jeremy?! Why kill off her only family left?! Now, she’s completely different. The originals make the show now, so I’m definitely going to be watching their new series, although I’m not sure how VD will be without them….

    The whole Damon/Stefan/Elena thing can get overwhelming. I’m all Delena on this, but the sire bond is absolute nonsense!

    I’ll keep watching, and I hope it gets better. 🙂

    • Emma says:

      I was afraid to mention Jeremy in the post for those who haven’t seen that episode yet. While I didn’t think his character had much to do this season, or at least he didn’t have much personality, killing off another main character was a bad move. Once the Originals leave, the show is going to be severely lacking.

      And I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the sire bond thing is nonsense. Thanks, Emerald.

  8. You are not alone. As you know, I also blogged about this latest turn of events on The Vampire Diaries this week on Tuesday. Season Four in no way is my favorite season, but I’m not giving up. As for the sire bond, I’m just glad they didn’t make Damon out to be a bad guy about the whole thing… and they totally could have. You know, make it so that he knew exactly what was going on all along. They didn’t. And he’s handled it very well IMO.

    And as for The Originals, TVD won’t be the same without them, but I am looking forward to the backdoor pilot! 🙂

    • Emma says:

      I’m not giving up either. That’s true about Damon, they could have made it seem like he somehow forced or at least took advantage of Elena. That scene on the island where he told her that becoming a human would suck was great. He sounded like the old Damon. He’s a bad ass vampire and he wants to stay that way. Good for him.

      I wonder will they shoot The Originals in New Orleans? I’ve never been, but I really, really want to go.

  9. Amanda says:

    Hi Emma, I’m so glad you blogged about this! I just started watching TVD this winter via Netflix. I watched the first three seasons within one month and I was really obsessed with the show…then I started watching the DVR’d episodes from this season and it definitely cured me of my obsession. I still like it, but I’m no longer dying to find out what happens next, I’m actually kind of cringing at what’s to come :). Can’t they just let somebody live on this show? I sniffled when Jenna was killed. I balled when Alaric died. I cried and was super pissed off when Jeremy was killed, he was one of my favorites!
    And can I just say I HATE Stefan. I have since season three. I have always been Team Damon, but I want more of the old Damon back with his smirky hotness, sarcastic one-liners and lovable bad-boy attitude.
    Keeping my fingers crossed the writers get their heads out of their collective asses!

    • Emma says:

      Hi, Amanda. I know, they need to stop killing people. Jenna dying was horrific, Alaric just awful and now Elena’s little brother, the last of her human relations. Bloody writers, what were they thinking?
      I used to love Stefan, but he is not remotely like the man he used to be. Damon is best when he’s doing his smirky one-liners, true. 🙂
      Ha ha – your last line.

  10. Shannon says:

    I admit I have not been watching Season 4. TVD lost a lot of its charm for me after they decided to turn Stefan into a cold-blooded killer. When they turned Elena into a vampire at the end of Season 3, I was not really tempted to come back. I did not like Katherine so I would not enjoy watching Elena become just like her. Ugh! I might watch an Originals series if it had Daniel Gillies/Elijah. Actually, that’s the only reason I’d watch it. 🙂

    • Emma says:

      Well Shannon, as far as I know Daniel Gillies will be a part of it. Not sure if he’ll be a regular or just make guest appearances, but we’ll be seeing him around New Orleans. *squeals with excitement*.
      Elena is like Katherine now in the sense that she’s out for herself and doesn’t think about the bigger picture. Her orchestration of the genocide of a line of vampires really caught me off guard. And she didn’t even blink.

  11. Catie Rhodes says:

    We lost interest in The Vampire Diaries late last season. We think Elena is a Mary Sue. And a lot of the time Stefan is a Larry Stu. Our weekly dose of TVD consists of us yelling rude things at the television set. I am not sure why we still watch, but we do.

    I think the reason Alaric got killed off is that he had an opportunity to star in a TV show himself. The Cult started late last month and is weird enough to keep my interest, but I am thinking it won’t make it.

    • Emma says:

      Lol. I’m with you at shouting rude things at the screen.
      I read about Cult over at Tiffany White’s blog. I’m definitely going to check it out once it makes its way across the pond.
      Thanks, Catie.

  12. beckyday6 says:

    Hmmm, I fall somewhere in the middle of your argument. I agree that a lot of aspects of it have gone downhill – I really hated the last series I found it so boring. But I really enjoyed the first half of this season right up until they brought in the sire bond and since it’s come back from its break I have not been so keen. I’m still enjoying it but I find I have to switch my brain off completely and just go with the flow because as you say, PLOT HOLES. Ahjhjfff. I must admit I’m not too keen on the idea of the spin off show either.
    I won’t stop watching it any time soon though, to be honest, I could watch this show on silent and just enjoy watching all the hot guys walk on and off the screen, lol!

    • Emma says:

      I could watch it on Mute too. Ha.
      I’m not giving up on it either. I’ll watch The Vampire Diaries to the very end – I’m loyal like that 🙂 and a good looking cast always helps.
      Not keen on the spin off? I do like the Originals, but think their presence will be missed on TVD show.

  13. I always thought the best part of the show was the ad that said, “be sure to catch VD on thursdays on the CW”. Heh, that’s funny

  14. I hate when this happens. Everything I like ends up getting written into a corner and then the writers changes rules & characters in the most ridiculous ways as though the viewers have no memory at all.

    Still gonna keep watching though… 😉

  15. Story Addict says:

    I hear your frustrations, even though I still very much enjoy the show. I do think that the sire bond has a lot of plot holes, Katherine being the main one. The only explanation I can have for it is that both brothers were just incredibly obsessed with her rather than in love. The *only* explanation. I am baffled that Bonnie might be provoked to kill a bunch of people (or any of the characters, for that matter). Rebekah is slowly turning into one of my favorite characters on the show, along with Damon, who’s always been a favorite. But then he’s the main reason I watch it. I’ve never much cared for the rest of the characters. I guess that’s why I’m still okay with the story.

    • Emma says:

      Lots of people think the show is the best it’s ever been at the moment. I see people on Twitter loving season 4, so it’s all a matter of personal opinion. Yep, Damon has always been one of the most entertaining characters on The Vampire Diaries.

  16. jessmittens says:

    Completely agree! They have stopped being the ‘good guys’ (Elena etc) and Rebekah has become more of a favourite, and definitely has more of a moral compass.
    I used to want Elena to be with Damon, but now I think I preferred her with Stefan after all. It’s all become a little off.
    Caroline is my favourite. Nobody seems to ever care about what happens to her, how people have treated her, but expect her to always go along with them.

    • Emma says:

      I think having no clear cut “good” guys is what’s bothering me the most (well – after the sire bond BS :). There’s no morality in this show anymore. They’re all killers at this stage, and unapologetic ones at that.
      Elena and Stefan were right together for the first couple of seasons. Even if she and Damon break up (are they even together really?) I can’t see a way back for her and Stefan.
      Caroline is one of my favourites too, except when she ruined the first night Elena and Damon spent together by talking through it!
      Thanks, Jess.

  17. Trish Loye Elliott says:

    I so hear you and completely agree! But I’ll keep watching till the end, mostly to watch Damon. I never really was a Stefan fan.
    Great post Emma!

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