Book Review: The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski (A Beautiful Read)

No supernatural shenanigans in this one, but a book that deserves a blog post all its own.

the edgeA lot of my blogger friends recommended this. The idea of two people meeting on a Greyhound bus and falling in love had instant appeal to me (I’ve been on a Greyhound bus and they can be scary, as can bus stations). I was excited to read this. The first couple of scenes didn’t pique my interest, but I stuck with it, and sure enough, I got hooked.

Camryn boards a Greyhound bus with no idea where she wants to go in life. Sure, her ticket says Idaho, but this is a story about the journey, not the destination. Her life has been pretty shitty: her first love died in a car crash, second boyfriend cheated on her, her best friend chose her druggie boyfriend over Camryn, her run-of-the-mill job is boring and her parents aren’t around much. It’s time to get her act together, and hitting the road seems to be the answer, at least for now.

On the bus, she meets Andrew, another free spirit. They click. The banter between them is entertaining, the conversations at times made me laugh out loud, and they start to fall for each other.

This book is told from both Camryn’s and Andrew’s perspectives, something I loved, though I did wish we heard a little more from Andrew’s side. I was waiting for Andrew to reveal his dominant side for a while. Luckily, this didn’t go all Fifty Shades.

The sex scenes were hot, their time on the open road always entertaining, and I was delighted when they hit New Orleans. I did get really angry with Andrew at one point (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS)…..

When he was going to walk away from Camryn and just leave her a pathetic note instead of telling her face to face. That screamed coward to me. Camryn forgave him too quickly for that, and was also very quick to forgive him for keeping something of major importance from her. Also the ending of this book wasn’t the best; it was too clichéd for me (“You’re 20 years old, Camryn” is what I thought, shaking my head. “Congratulations for trapping yourself in the very normal sort of lifestyle you didn’t want to have”), and I felt the ending was too rushed.

But overall, I loved The Edge of Never and am so happy the author is releasing a follow up. This one grabbed me and took me on an emotional rollercoaster – look at that. It seems I’m guilty of clichés myself. ****

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Who’s read this one? Did you love or just like it?


24 thoughts on “Book Review: The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski (A Beautiful Read)

    1. I kept seeing this throughout the blogosphere a few months back. Don’t know why I resisted so long. It was a fantastic read – totally sucked me in.

    1. I know. Sometimes when I’m reading a contemporary novel, I forget that I’m reading a non supernatural book, and I’ll be waiting for the vampires to arrive 🙂
      My youngest sister picked up Fifty Shades of Grey because she thought it was something to do with Twilight. She was a third of the way through when she asked me how long more did she have to wait for the vamps to come on the scene!

  1. Cover love! Looks like a great read even without the supernatural element. I haven’t read a contemporary book in a while, so this might just be my first in a long time 🙂

    1. I adore the cover – I’d love to have Camryn’s hair.
      If you get to this, be sure to let me know what you think of it, Christie.

  2. LOL @ “You’re 20 years old, Camryn” is what I thought, shaking my head. “Congratulations for trapping yourself in the very normal sort of lifestyle you didn’t want to have” – that is just too funny!

    I’m about midway through this book. Though, I’ve read so many reviews that I kinda have an idea of what’s going to happen so I just had to read your spoilers section, haha. I haven’t been able to finish the book due to being so busy with other reads.

    There are some awesome quotes and scenes in this one. I hope to revisit this and finish it because there is a sequel coming. My fave part of this book so far was the inner dialogue that Camryn had at the beginning – a refreshing character. Great review, Emma!

    1. I’m glad I made you laugh, Jennifer. 🙂 Yeah, I just got a little frustrated at the end of this book. It was so good up to that point, but I’ve read the blurb for the next book and it sounds great.
      Come back here when you’re finished or Tweet me and let me know what you thought in the end. I’d love to hear your opinion.

    1. Glad you’re intrigued, Debra. This book hooked me after the first couple of chapters. I adore hearing from the guy’s POV in books and Andrew has an interesting and often dirty mind. 🙂

    1. They’re buses in North America. The ones I were on were always packed and I ended up sitting next to total strangers and clutching my bag on my lap for dear life. I was 21. 🙂

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