Mini Book Reviews – Forever Road by Catie Rhodes and more

Most of these reviews can be found on my Goodreads page. I’m trying to figure out how convert a word doc to epub and mobi to send out to reviewers at the moment, (something that is taking me far longer than it should), so this post’s kind of a filler, but I’m glad to share some books I’ve enjoyed recently.


forever road Forever Road by Catie Rhodes

So good – 5 stars. Excellent writing, straight talking, no bullshit protagonist and an intriguing murder mystery. I hadn’t read a book like Forever Road before. The depiction of small town life in East Texas reeled me in. Peri is a cool, no nonsense woman. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly; she’s tough and strong.
The ghost stuff isn’t front and centre – it’s kept to the background for the most part. Anyone who may be wary of picking up a paranormal book needn’t worry. Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon


6202661 I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk

I saw this reviewed on my friend Becky’s blog. Go check out her blog: Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic if you have a chance. It’s one of my favourites.

Anyway, Fun & Frivolous is how I’d sum up I Heart New York.
I had to admire Angela for reacting to a horrible breakup by getting out of London and jumping on a plane to New York where she thoroughly enjoyed herself in The Big Apple – bar hopping, bed hopping, shop hopping. Now obviously most of us wouldn’t arrive in a hotel and have the concierge befriend us, introduce us to all her cool friends and immediately start seeing both a Wall Street banker and a rock star, but this is fiction, pure escapism. A light and entertaining read, perfect for a day at the beach. Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon.


16288155 The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard

The title initially attracted me to this book. It sounded eerie and slightly sinister. First off, the writing is beautiful. I read it over a couple of days in my back garden enjoying the sun and ice cold water. Lovely summertime reading.

I preferred the first half, which read like a contemporary romance, not a supernatural tale: young college girl falls in love with a guy who doesn’t seem right for her, but they share a sizzling attraction for each other. I felt drawn to both Allison and Ethan, and liked Allison’s family immediately. I actually forgot that I was reading a paranormal book until I reached the half way point. Then BAM. Second half of book takes us on a fairy, Celtic mythology journey and it’s outright fantasy until the last page. The change of genre was abrupt, and while I enjoyed the rest of the book, my heart remained with the first half, and I missed the characters from Allison’s life at home.

Lovely writing, would recommend this book. Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon.


17828851 Death is a Gift by Claire Farrell

I enjoyed the banshee element and the local Irish lingo. Paul and Cliona drove me mental, though, constantly going round and round in circles. There was a lovely, lonely yet magical atmosphere to this tale. I could see the opening credits of a TV adaptation with a crow flying through the woods to land on the roof of the eerie house only to turn into a girl who looks out over the village waiting for a sign of death. Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon.


13097632 Bound by the Vampire by Chloe Hart

Chloe Hart’s second novella in the Blood and Absinthe series was as easy to read and as enjoyable as Taming the Vampire – check out my review of that HERE in the very early days of this blog when no one but myself and one or two friends read my posts. I liked Evan and Celia. I would have liked to have seen more of the Dark Fae realm and to learn more about the breeding programme, but maybe we’ll get a greater glimpse in the next part. If you’re after a quick, fun, light-hearted, sexy and romantic read, then look no further. Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon.


Happy Reading. Has anyone read these books? Have any book recommendations for me?


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17 Responses to Mini Book Reviews – Forever Road by Catie Rhodes and more

  1. Mae Clair says:

    I always enjoy your mini reviews. 🙂

  2. Hi Emma!

    Conversion is hard. You have to first convert your word document to HTML then use Calibre to convert the file to Mobi…then for the best results possible convert your Mobi file to epub. If you try to convert .doc or .docx it won’t work out very well.

    Good luck and great reviews!

  3. I’ve read Forever Road and Death is a Gift and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.

    Btw, on a totally unrelated note, I watched The Tall Man the other day. Loved it. It was NOT what I expected, and I never figured out what was going on until it was revealed. I was very surprised…but glad.

  4. Catie Rhodes says:

    Thanks for the mention, Emma! I’m so happy both you and Lauralynn enjoyed it.

    As for the converting, do you work in Scrivener? That’s where I do my converting. If not, have you tried Draft 2 Digital? I’ve not used them but friends have raved about their service to me.

    • Emma says:

      You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to Peri’s next adventure.

      I’ve heard of Scrivener but haven’t looked into using it yet. At the moment I’m trying Calibre but if I don’t get the results I need, I’ll check out the ones you mentioned over the weekend. Thanks, Catie.

  5. I’ve heard of some of these, but not all. Always good to add some great books to my list! Thanks!

    • Emma says:

      If you want something very lighthearted and fun, then I’d recommend picking up I Heart New York. It makes you want to pay the Big Apple a visit. Thanks.

  6. T.F.Walsh says:

    Some new books for me to check out… I really like the sound of The Forgotten Ones:)

  7. I see it’s been mentioned, but Callibre E-Book Management works. Great reviews. I like the sound of I Heart New York.

  8. Great recommendations! Looks like I have a few new books to throw onto the pile. Thanks for that! 😉

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