Book Review: The Time Zombies Became the Least of My Worries (So much fun!!)

The Time Zombies Became the Least of My Worries by Jen Naumann

A zombie comedy with plenty of chuckles, lots of action and just the right amount of romance. Since I fell in love with the first book. The Day Zombies Ruined My Perfectly Boring Life. I was hoping the second would be just as much fun, and it was!

zombie2-cover2The story in book two begins with the gang heading out in search of an antidote. Emma has been bitten and it looks like it’s only a matter of time before she becomes infected with the alien virus and turns into a zombie. Unlike everyone else, Emma is surprisingly upbeat about the whole thing, telling her new boyfriend and best friend from childhood, Finn, to be sure to come back with some poison if he can’t find the cure.

Soon we’ve got kids flying a plane halfway across the country, the motley gang of mostly orphans battling zombies at the airport, and Emma developing a keener sense of sight, smell and book smarts, thanks to the alien stuff she injected herself with. There is never a dull moment in this book. Emma had me clutching my gut at times. She came out with so many gems that made me chuckle. What a fun protagonist.

“You are by far the strangest person I’ve ever met.” (The teenage genius doctor tells her)

“Sorry, Doc, but you know I’m already taken.”

Emma is a tough cookie, facing one crisis after the other with a healthy dose of fear but she never loses her quirky sense of humour. Then we have her other half, Finn. Finn sees himself as the long-suffering boyfriend (it’s only been a few days), sworn to protect the girl he loves, when, let’s face it, Emma can take care of herself. Finn’s typical boy way of thinking had me laughing throughout. I enjoyed the fact that the story was told from both Finn and Emma’s point of view. The author captured their individual voices well. It’s always great to hear what a guy is thinking.

The Time Zombies Became the Least of my Worries is a breeze to read. Witty and tons of fun, I dare anyone not to speed through it in a few hours. One of the best elements this book has going for it is the motley mix of young characters. The theme “Goonies Never Say Die” was in my mind throughout.

This is one of those times I would love to read another book with these characters. Pick this up for a hearty laugh. *****   Check it out on Goodreads. It releases soon!


I asked Jen could I post a short excerpt. I think this scene between Finn and Emma demonstrates her sense of humour.


He clamps his hand over my mouth. “Em, I was a virgin, too.”

My breath catches in my throat. I pull his hand away. “What about that time with Jody? I thought you…I mean…”

With a shake of his head, his lips spread in a low, wide grin. My heart flutters a little when I realize he’s being totally serious. How cool is this? My best friend and I lost our virginity to each other. I’m so not the gossiping type, but this warrants serious girl-talk. If only I had a girl around to tell my news to. God, I really miss Marley. I guess Zander will have to pass as one for the time being. “Wow.” I brush my lips against his. “Kudos, my man! I never would’ve guessed.”

“Really?” A spark of confidence ignites in his eyes as he gives me another round of soulful kisses.

Stopping to look him in the eye, I say, “Not in a million years.”

If I know one thing about guys, it’s generally a bad idea to crush their ego, no matter how big of a lie you have to tell.


Anyone in the mood for a zombie/alien comedy?


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6 Responses to Book Review: The Time Zombies Became the Least of My Worries (So much fun!!)

  1. beckyday6 says:

    I love the title of these, so much fun! I have still yet to read a zombie book though, I’m probably missing out, but I must admit they don’t really appeal…

    • Emma says:

      Becky, even though there are zombies in this book, this story focuses on the group of survivors who will hook you from the first page. If you do decide to give a zombie tale a go, start with these. 🙂

  2. Mae Clair says:

    With a title like that, you just know it’s going to be a fun read. I am soooo far behind on my TBR list. There are a few zombie titles on it, but they’re a new venture for me. I thought the excerpt was cute. The girl obviously knows what to say and when to say it 🙂

  3. Are you sure that you didn’t just like it because you share a name with the main character? 😉

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