Friday Music and Cover Reveal for Paranormal Keepers

Another working week done and dusted. Lots of stress last few days, so I’m looking forward to settling down later this evening with a nice glass of rosé (which I’ll probably fall asleep mid way through) and some chill out music. I hope 2014 is going well so far for everyone. Anyone got some resolutions/goals they’d like to share or have all our good intentions we made January 1st gone out the window? No judgement here.

Before I get to the music, scroll down to see the cover for Jen Naumann’s latest book, Paranormal Keepers. Isn’t it scrumptious? Najla Qamber who designed the cover for my book Beneath Manhattan Skies designed the artwork for Paranormal Keepers. I loved Jen’s zombies novels, and I’m looking forward to reading her latest story.

PK front cover

Everyone thinks Harper Young killed her boyfriend. No one will say it to her face, but the signs are everywhere.

It’s almost been a year since Gavin was torn from Harper’s arms and brutally murdered. The police wrote it off as a freak accident, deciding Harper’s strange testimony was given under duress. But she knows something unnatural was involved and refuses to stop looking until she finds his killer, even if it means her reputation as a senior is ruined. Even if it means there really are monsters living among us.

With the discovery of the mothmen, witches, vampires and all the creatures she always suspected were out there, Harper finds herself amidst a complex bundle of unseen heroes who call themselves “Keepers”, sworn to keep the secret of the paranormal creatures that walk this earth. As she tries to understand what’s so special about her that she’s able to break an old Keeper law, Harper has a baffling vision of kissing a mysterious guy before a blade is brought down on him. Before she can get a handle on her future, she becomes central to a battle between the questionable “heroes” and the evil she’s been training to fight, leaving her to wonder if there’s any way to change the fate that has been foretold before it’s too late.

Release date: March 4, 2014

Model Photography: Jen Naumann

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Publisher: Phantom Owl Press

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Now for the Music

First up is “Royals” by Lorde. This song literally stopped me in my tracks last year. I was striding across the living room, heading to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea when I heard the opening beat. I sat down and watched the video and found myself hypnotised by the music. This song seems to appeal to all ages. My father who is twice my age thinks it’s one of the best songs he’s heard in a long time – and he doesn’t think much of modern music. Have a listen yourself. (Her album, Pure Heroine is also excellent). Lorde from New Zealand is just 17 years old. A little trivia for ya -The last person her age to have such a big hit in the US was Tiffany back in the 80’s with “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

“Hey Brother” by Avicii. This Swedish musician/DJ can do no wrong right now. I loved “Wake Me Up” and the lyrics in this one also make you stop and listen.

“Fans” by Kings of Leon.  The long intro gets the energy buzzing. This song always perks me up. It’s good if you’re feeling a bit muted and need a little pick me up.

“Walking on a Dream” by Empire of the Sun. Starts out with a distinctive 80s sound. The video is on the crazy side, but goes with the psychedelic feel. Doesn’t this make you want to be drunk dancing on a dancefloor this Saturday night? Or is that just me?

“Ride” by Lana del Rey. I can’t have a chillout music evening and not listen to something of Lana’s. I adore this woman’s voice. There’s a dreamy, soulful quality to her music, and I love that her songs tell a story.

“Not Fair” by Lily Allen. This makes me smile. Love the video too.

Got any songs you think I should add to my Friday playlist?

Enjoy the weekend



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12 Responses to Friday Music and Cover Reveal for Paranormal Keepers

  1. Indiewritersreview says:

    Cover is gorgeous! Mysterious, catches my attention:) Your music choices are awesome, my faves are Lorde and Lana Del Ray. I’m still working on those resolutions…feeling a little discouraged…but hey the year is young:) The key is not giving up:)

    • Emma says:

      I love the font on the cover too. I was just watching The Vampire Diaries yesterday and they played Lorde in background. 🙂
      Keep working on them. I told myself on the 1st of January that instead of resolutions this year, I had goals, things to work on and work towards – takes some of the pressure off. And yes, the year is young. Thanks, Michelle.

  2. Mae Clair says:

    Love the cover of Jen’s new book. Very eye-catching. I’m partial to Lana Del Ray in your song selections, but I love just about anything she does. You’re so right about her voice!

    I think I’m on track with my writing resolutions, but they don’t really start kicking in until next month, so maybe too early to tell. For chilling music I like a soulful Stevie Nicks. She’s another one with such a unique amazing voice. Happy Friday, Emma!

    • Emma says:

      Well done for sticking to your writing resolutions. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work this year. I had a plan for publishing this year, but I’ve gone and spent the past 2 weeks writing a new story rather than completing the YA novel I was meant to be working on. Oops!
      You know Stevie Nicks is getting quite an outing on this year’s American Horror Story: Coven.

  3. Love the cover! It’s mysterious, and I love the topography! One to look for.

  4. I really like that book cover. The music isn’t really my taste, though. I’m more of a rock n roll kind of girl. (When I’m not listening to show tunes, LOL.)

  5. laurajc83 says:

    I don’t like Avicii for some reason, I don’t know why, but their ‘Wake Me Up’ song reminds me of the feelings of irritation I have when I hear Galway Girl!! 😦 So I don’t like Hey Brother either…..But I do love Empire of the Sun-Walking on a dream is a great song. You should look up their other song ‘We are the people!’ I love Lily Allen’s ‘Not Fair’ too, it’s very funny. And of course Royals! 🙂 Another band I like at the moment is Imagine Dragons! 🙂

    • Emma says:

      Aileen is going to see Avicii in London. I can’t believe you dislike “Wake Me Up”. I think it’s such a feel good song with great lyrics and the guy’s voice is amazing. But yes, “Galway Girl” does my head in, though I used to like it before a certain man turned me off it for life! 🙂
      I’m going to check out “We are the People” now and Imagine Dragons. Thanks, Laura.

  6. Shah Wharton says:

    Oh thanks so much for introducing me to Lana del Rey!! She looks like a young Julie Roberts (Pretty Woman) and sounds like no one else. Much get some of her music for my playlists.

    Really love the first one but never realised she was only 17 – how insightful?

    I enjoyed Avicii. until the dance music kicked in, then it lost me!

    Empire of the Sun remind me of The Flaming Lips 🙂

    I recommend Ane Brun. Check her out and let me know your thoughts Emma. X

    • Emma says:

      I’m glad to introduce you to Lana Del Rey. She won me over a couple of years ago with “Video Games”. Yes, I listened to the lyrics of Lorde and almost all her songs have something meaningful to say.
      I’m heading over to YouTube to check out Ane Brun. Listening to “Do You Remember” – so unusual. She has a great voice.

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