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Book Review: Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire #1) by Amber Kallyn

Think Romeo & Juliet but with paranormal issues.

Niki DeVeraux is a vampire, and a vampire hunter. She has spent the past two centuries chasing the man who turned her and murdered her entire family.  The ghosts of her family continue to haunt Niki, and she knows she will not find any peace until she gives them vengeance.  Niki tracks her sire, Thomas, down in a small Arizona town but runs straight into the sheriff, Shane Spencer, who also happens to be a Keeper of the peace for the Magic Council.  He and Niki are instantly attracted to one another, but seem to be on opposing sides.  Niki’s desire for vengeance is bound to disrupt the fragile peace in town. Shane is a magic man, a Shaman dealing with an older brother who hates him for inheriting magical gifts he feels should belong to him. Shane finds his match in Niki.

I liked Niki right away and especially enjoyed the opening scene, set in a dark cave where she meets an old fortune teller.  Niki is an ass-kicking vampire, so of course I adored her.  She’s armed with daggers and a sword and can hold her own against any creature of the night.  She’s also been deprived of love and lived as a lone warrior for years, so what’s a woman to do when confronted with a hot sheriff who ignites her lust?  Bloodstorm is filled with shifters, werewolves and vampire clans, and the humans are aware of these supernatural creatures.

Heart of A Vampire is a fast and enjoyable read with lovely sensuality running through the prose.  Shane is gorgeous, and I was picturing him as Uncas from The Last of the Mohicans.  The Native American magic element was interesting, and the warm and sensual nature of this book is wonderfully captured in the soft, romantic artwork of the cover.

Pic from http://ericschweigfan.wordpress.com/

Master Vampire of the town, Jordan, intrigued me and I wanted to know more about him.  The brief sample from the next book points to him being given centre stage; yay!  If you’re looking for a fun, paranormal romance, give this a whirl.  ****

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Who’s read this? What vampire books am I missing out on?