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Film Review: Enter Nowhere (Cabin in the Woods = Bad News)

Three strangers find themselves stranded in a ramshackle cabin in the woods with little food and water and no help on the way.  How did they all end up in the same spot and why can’t they find a way out?

It’s clear early on that these three very different folks are not there by chance.  We have the scrappy thief, Jody (Sara Paxton), solid and reliable, Tom (Scott Eastwood) and annoying, Samantha (Katherine Waterston).  Tom tries diligently to find a way out of the woods, but no matter what direction he takes each day, he ends up back at the cabin.  Something or someone doesn’t want them to escape.  When they eventually get around to discussing where they were headed before finding themselves lost, it turns out, quite chillingly, that each member of this stranded group believes they are in a different state. So where exactly are they?  Did someone knock them over the head and drop them in these woods, or is there something weirder going on?  I heard the Twilight Zone music in my mind as this conversation was taking place.

The first scene, a hold up in a service station doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what follows, a young woman (Samantha) stumbling terrified through the woods, but fear not, it all comes together in the end.  I figured out what was going on forty minutes in and was quite pleased with myself, though I’m sure many others will have copped it earlier.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it was Samantha’s coat that kept drawing my attention. I did not like Samantha at first, at all.  She’s stuck out in the woods and asks Tom if there is a bathroom anywhere.  Talk about letting the side down for all women.

Enter Nowhere is slow moving for the first half hour, with questionable acting (Sam being the worst), but it kept me entertained, and it had a nice twist. Think horror meets science fiction and you’ll get the tone of this movie.   The cinematography is attractive and the mystery quite intriguing.  Hints are dropped from the start and when you think back later you’ll wonder why you didn’t guess what was really happening sooner. I’m giving it *** because of the slow pacing and less than top notch acting, although Tom is very easy on the eyes, which made watching this enjoyable enough.  He’s Clint Eastwood’s son and he’s got his father’s rugged good looks.

Do not look at the trailer for this on YouTube. Whoever was behind this production decided to reveal the twist.  Moron!

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Have you heard of this one?  I like watching the more obscure horror films. If anyone has any suggestions for me, please let me know.