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Novella Review: Taming the Vampire by Chloe Hart

Another ebook I found on Smashwords, Taming the Vampire is a short, easy read.

Liz Marlowe is a demon hunter.   Coming from a long line of Green Fae, Liz is a mostly human warrior striving to prove her worth on the streets of Boston which are currently being stalked by an unknown menace.  She is attracted to the vampire Jack Morgan who has allied himself with her cause but because of his species she despises him and vice versa.  This being a paranormal romance we know where this is going to end up; nonetheless getting to that point is a fun read.

Jack enjoys provoking Liz’s hot temper.  He is unknowingly in love with her and of course the reader knows this from the get go, yet he only realises when they’re about to get hot and heavy.  Like Liz he is protective of his city Boston and wants to put an end to the creature stalking the streets.  Liz is an easy character to like.  She’s tough and feeling the pressure to live up to her family who are all warriors and physically stronger than her.  It’s fun watching the sexual tension between Jack and her grow.  You can sense the electricity crackling in the air when these two are bickering.

Liz’s friend Celia is working on a way to make her strong enough to fight her deadly enemy and discovers that one sure method is for Liz to have sex with a vampire.  Through this union Liz will gain all of Jack’s strength for one night, giving her enough time to kill the demon.

If you want to figure out how Liz breaks this news to Jack, read Taming the Vampire for yourself.  If you are easily shocked or offended by descriptive scenes of a sexual nature then this novella may not be for you.

A spicy, fun read. ***

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