Book Review: Island Life by William Meikle (Monsters in the Mist)

Meikle beautifully captures the image of an isolated, Scottish island and the quiet pace of life before the peace is so harshly interrupted.   

Marine biologist Duncan is staying on the island carrying out research and hoping to begin a relationship with the local pub owners’ daughter Meg.  Old Tom, the island’s superstitious lighthouse keeper warns his young trainee Dick to stay indoors out of the mist.  Is he senile or should the islanders take heed of his warning?  Archaeology students working in the area have uncovered a burial mound and unwittingly unleash hell on the island.  As the mist moves in, the body count rises and it is up to Duncan and his band of unlikely warriors to deal with the creatures attacking them from the mist.

The story starts off slow at first, introducing us to the characters and is told from multiple points of view, including Sam, an ageing sheepdog.  Such a focus on characters is reminiscent of Stephen King.  One of King’s best attributes as a writer is his ability to portray the people in his stories so vividly.  Meikle has the same talent.  Once the attacks begin the story really gets going and we read on with trepidation, hoping for Anne’s rescue and old Tom’s safety.

What exactly are these loathsome, deformed monsters and what have they been doing deep inside the mound?  The book delves back thousands of years into the past to explain their origin.

An enjoyable read with likeable characters, not to be taken too seriously.  ***

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