Book Review: Haunted Bedtime Stories by K.F. Kirwin (Ghostly Goings-On)

Haunted Bedtime Stories offers seven ghostly tales.  Like most collections of short stories, depending on individual taste and interests, most readers aren’t going to love every single story but you should find that one piece that speaks to you.  For me that was Aunt Francy’s Ghosts.  Filled with vibrant and intriguing characters such as Aunt Francy herself who is full of life at 110 and cooler than most people any of us have probably ever met.  She’s a creative talent and an independent, no-nonsense lady who happens to share her grand estate with lots of ghosts.  She loves past eras like the 20s and 30s when people knew how to enjoy the good life and she likes to indulge in a glass of champagne every now and again.  Who doesn’t?

Another noteworthy story was the first tale in the collection, Eternity Realty.  The friendly “hi y’all” does not go hand in hand with what increasingly becomes a more sinister tone as the proprietor shows her unnamed guests around houses that come complete with blood stains. These can be easily washed off of course, the faceless house viewers and us readers are told.   Annie’s Letters set in an insane asylum and Ashes are the other two stories I also really enjoyed.

I’d recommend this book for some light reading but just not before sleep 🙂 .  ***

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