Book Review: Search for the Vampires’ Curse by Lauralynn Elliott

A delicious conclusion to the fun, paranormal romance series Vampires’ Curse.

 As the last in the Libby Fox series, reading it was a mixture of excitement and sadness for me.  I wanted to see what would happen between Libby and Adam, and was hoping they could reach a compromise in order to begin a relationship.  To read my reviews of the first two books in the series click HERE

At this point in their story, we know their attraction towards each other has turned into love.  Book number three sees the search for Fiona, the anti-vampire zealot from Dark Relic begin in in New Orleans, my favourite city I have never actually visited.  I would have liked to read a more detailed description of New Orleans and spent longer there but Libby and her gang move further south once they realise Fiona has already moved on.  Werwolf Blake is along for the ride too, yay for us readers!  Adam and his fellow vampires realise that having a werewolf and a human with them is an asset, since the vamps can’t  be around during the daytime.  Later on the hunt moves to the Amazon rainforest.

The story comes full circle, going back to the artefact from the first novella, the powerful relic that has the capability of wiping out the entire vampire population.  Fiona is still on her messed up mission to purge that world of vampires. Libby and her supernatural comrades are determined to bring this crazy woman down once and for all.

One part of the story had my eyebrows raised. Why didn’t Libby and her crew just warn the other vampires on the yacht about the impending danger so they could work together to apprehend Fiona?  Hmm, this had me very puzzled.     We get another Spike reference from Libby (that woman has great taste in vampires :)).  Every supernatural creature is jaw droppingly beautiful, a plus when you’re reading paranormal, romantic fiction.  Blake and Adam are both physically attractive men but it is the way they regard Libby for her smarts, independence and confidence that really makes these men shine.  They admire and appreciate Libby’s strengths.

One of my favourite scenes involved Blake and Libby.  After a particular horrendous night of supernatural shenanigans, they turn to hard whiskey and fall asleep together.  Libby’s last thought before sleep claims her is how funny it is that her best friend is a werewolf and she’s in love with a vampire.

I have to say I preferred the first two books in this series, probably because I felt there was time still to explore Libby’s and Adam’s relationship, but altogether I found the Libby Fox books a light and enjoyable supernatural read.  They’re damn good fun and hopefully we’ll hear from Libby again in the future.  ****

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How about you? Read any fun, paranormal romance recently?

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17 Responses to Book Review: Search for the Vampires’ Curse by Lauralynn Elliott

  1. Thanks Emma for the review. I hadn’t heard of Libby before now. Great post.

  2. Thank you once again for a great review. It warms my heart. The Libby Fox novellas were meant to be light and entertaining and it sounds like that’s how you see them. You’re very sweet to review them. 🙂

  3. Indiewritersreview says:

    Great review:)… I’ve placed this and Ms. Elliott’s other books on my TBR list…

  4. I have confess, I am still struggling with the existence of there being a genre called paranormal romance.

    I just can’t get away from the notion that a poltergeist serenading a headless figure is a bit strange.

    • Emma says:

      Thankfully I haven’t come across too many poltergeists wooing headless figures in all the years I’ve been reading paranormal romance 🙂

  5. Good review. Enjoyed your comments in paragraph 4

  6. Debra Kristi says:

    Sounds intriguing. Great review. I haven’t heard of this series before now. Sounds like one worth adding to the TBR list.

  7. I read Darkness and Light by JA Belfield. It’s about Werewolves if you consider that supernatural. It was quite different… and least from what I’m used to reading. No explosions, but lots fang-biting action.

  8. I love the Libby Fox series!

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