Book Review: Feathermore by Lucy Swing (Feathers, Feathers Everywhere)

Life isn’t so bad for high school student Jade.   She’s got awesome parents and a couple of best friends, Claire and Nate, who would do anything for her.  Two things would make her world better: if the whispering voice in her head would shut up, and mean girl at school Amy would stop picking on her.  The new school year is looking up with the arrival of cute guy Avan.  Amy wants him for herself, but he seems to have eyes only for Jade.

It’s clear early on that Claire’s and Nate’s relationship with Jade goes beyond simple friendship. They’re secretive and seem to be looking out for her on a higher level. Once we learn that Jade was found wandering the woods on Halloween as a five year old, and adopted by the woman who found her, the intrigue really begins.  Who is Jade, why does she hear a strange voice in her head, and is Avan more than just a normal human guy?

I really liked Jade.  She’s got a cool sense of style; I loved the retro, rock band t-shirts she wore and found myself laughing at her sarcastic, inner babbling.  As the book goes on, and Jade finally starts to learn who she is, I enjoyed her character more and more. She’s funny and determined, and I felt a lovely sense of satisfaction when she sent that bitch Amy flying through the air.  It’s always satisfying to see a bully humiliated in front of her friends.  Avan, as Jade’s love interest didn’t do it for me.  I felt he had very little depth, and wondered what sort of boyfriend would hang out with the bully who constantly torments his girlfriend?

There were a few parts in the book I couldn’t understand. Jade sees a strange creature stalking her and easily lets Claire and Nate talk her into believing it was just a man.  She watches a weird being moving through the hallway at school, but gets distracted and seems to forget all about it.  Jade also wonders if Claire has lost a family member.  How could she be best friends with someone for years and not know if they had parents?  Even when we learn what Jade is and how she came to be where she is (trying desperately to avoid spoilers here!), we’re not given a full explanation, which I found a tad annoying.   However, when you like a character as much as I did Jade, you can overlook some plot holes.

Obviously Jade is more than human, but you’ll have to read this yourself to find out exactly what she is, and what her best pals are protecting her from.  Well-written and engaging, Feathermore is an enjoyable read with a cool leading character. ****

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6 Responses to Book Review: Feathermore by Lucy Swing (Feathers, Feathers Everywhere)

  1. Your reviews always make me want to get the book. I don’t even read YA, but you make them all sound so exciting! Guess I’m a fan of YA now… 😉

  2. Shah Wharton says:

    I have to follow the link to find out what she is… You sales-woman you! Great review. X

    • Emma says:

      Hi Shah, sorry for late reply. Your comment went into Spam folder for some reason.
      Thanks for stopping by & hope you found out what Jade is :).

  3. Oh! This sounds great, Emma. I like the story description. Great review.

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