Author Website & Debut YA Novel

I finally got around to setting up a website emmameadebooks where I can ramble freely about my own writing.  Hope you will check it out.

Also, my debut YA novel, Under the Desert Moon will be out this Autumn. I love vampires, and I love humans falling in love with them and vice versa, so of course I had to write my own tale.

Under the Desert Moon

17 year old Erin Harris spends her time daydreaming, hoping to escape her small town life in Copperfield, Arizona.  When a movie crew arrives unexpectedly to shoot a vampire film over the summer, Erin’s small town world changes forever.                                                                                                                

Erin is positive she has seen the star, James Linkin before in a thirty year old TV show.  He hasn’t aged a day. How is this possible?  Erin is determined to find out, but how will James handle the scrutiny of an all too intelligent teenage girl?

I entered Story Addict’s competition “Vote for Your Favorite Excerpt By Bloggers Like You.”  I’d appreciate it if you could head over there and take a look at the first couple of paragraphs of Under the Desert Moon. If you like what you read, please vote.

I’m off to Barcelona tonight for a week, so I’ll catch up with everyone’s blogs and Tweets when I’m back. Until then, hope everyone has a lovely summer, Emma xx



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