Moody Songs: What to Listen to When You’re Feeling Out of Sorts

Ever find yourself in a funk and out of sorts? There’s no particular reason for you to be feeling down, or grumpy, or full of angst, but nevertheless you can’t shift your mood.

I say, give into it, at least for an hour, and sit back and chill out with some moody songs.  Yep, I’m just back from holidays, feeling a tad depressed and too lazy to write a decent blog post.  This is what I’m listening to right now:



I’m going to see Bruce on Tuesday in Dublin. Bring it on!









What music do you like to listen to when you’re in a mood, or to quote Isabel from Roswell:  “So, depressed? Feeling sorry for yourself? Angry at the world?


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28 Responses to Moody Songs: What to Listen to When You’re Feeling Out of Sorts

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Some great song choices here Emma! My personal favourite angry bands are Evanescence (hope I spelt that right :S ) The Pretty Reckless and Paramore, they have some great angry beats and lyrics to some of their songs.

    Hope you get out of your funk soon if you haven’t already! 🙂

    • Emma says:

      I loved Evanescence’s first album. Brings me right back to a summer I spent working in a pub. I liike Paramore too but don’t know The Pretty Reckless. I’m already out of my funk, thanks, Becky. 🙂

      • beckyday6 says:

        Haha, that’s ok, they are pretty obscure, but they are starting to get a little more well known now I think because they’ve been touring with more famous bands. I only found them by chance! 🙂

      • Emma says:

        I looked them up on YouTube. The girl from Gossip Girl is in the band!

  2. I do the same thing, Emma. I hate those moods, but sometimes you just have to find music that helps you savor the moment…that helps you hit the lowest low you can…for a little while. Fortunately I don’t go there often, but when I do, every depressing song on my playlists is blasting for an hour or so. Kind of feels good, then I switch to upbeat stuff and leave the bad mood in the dust. Nice to know I’m not alone in that. 🙂

    • Emma says:

      Good to know it’s not just me, Kristy. It does feel good just to turn the music up and feel your bad mood for a little while.

  3. I’m generally in a good mood. Almost all the time. 🙂 You have some good choices here, although I don’t like Springsteen. I REALLY like Metallica. If I was in a funk, some of the older Beatles songs usually would perk me up. Not their newer stuff, it’s kind of melancholy, but their old stuff is upbeat and fun.

    • Emma says:

      You’re one of those constantly cheerful people, aren’t you, Lauralynn? 🙂
      I’d love to be like that but it’s just not my nature. Why don’t you like Springsteen?

      • I am cheerful most of the time. Certain things push my buttons and tick me off, but most of the time, I just let things slide. I’m just really easy going. Didn’t used to be!

        I find Springsteen’s music…boring, I guess. I don’t like U-2 or any groups like that, either. I have very eclectic musical taste…rock, metal, blues, classical, show tunes. But there are just some singers and groups that I find unremarkable.

      • Emma says:

        An eclectic music taste is good. I’d like to be more easy going. Must remember to breathe more 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing, Emma. I love Matchbox and those Bat Out of Hell cds by Meatloaf were very good. I have the big iPod which I will never fill in my lifetime… Yet, I love the challenge of trying. 🙂 I will surf over to iTunes and check out more of Savage Garden and Halestorm. Those were pretty good.


    • Emma says:

      Hi Jimmy. Love Meatloaf’s stuff from the 90s. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams” and “I Would Do Anything for Love” are some of my favourites of his. Take your time filling that iPod…

  5. Shannon says:

    Great song list. Hearing Matchbox Twenty’s “Push” makes me really miss the late 1990’s! Speaking of M20, I really love “Back 2 Good,” used to listen to that every night when I was going through a funk. I love to listen to sad blues, jazz, rock when I feel down. Some Sarah Vaughan with “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”, Billie Holiday’s “Stormy Blues”, Eric Clapton’s “Bell Bottom Blues”, Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs.” Maybe I’ll go put on my Springsteen The River CD now!

    • Emma says:

      Me too! Some of the 90s stuff was great. “Back 2 Good” is definitely a moody, pissed off with the world song; I remember it well 🙂
      Had to go on YouTube there to listen to “Silver Springs”, thanks for that! Enjoy Springsteen, Shannon.

  6. laurajc83 says:

    “Wicked Game” – Chris Isaak and “Everybody Hurts” – REM……and “Angel” – Sarah McLachlan 😦

    • Emma says:

      Damn, can’t believe I forgot “Wicked Game.” Thanks for the reminder, Laura.
      I can’t listen to “Angel” anymore without thinking of funerals.

  7. laurajc83 says:

    One more sorry! ‘Vincent’ by Don McLean. A brilliant but v sad song. Might be better known to people as the first 3 words, starry starry night! The song is about Vincent VanGogh, excellent but sad 😦

  8. Great list – but it’s finally sunny after 7 days of rain, so I’m going to bookmark this – must be able to find it again when needed!
    Meanwhile, wildly madly gladly outside…even if sloshy…

  9. Debra Kristi says:

    It might sound crazy, but I love giving into it. I feel like it helps my writing. I also love Evanescence and Paramore, but you have some great ones here that will be making it onto my playlist! Can’t stop playing “Familiar Taste of Poison” by Halestorm.

    • Emma says:

      It doesn’t sound crazy at all. I think it’s quite healthy just to give in to your mood the odd time and simply feel it! I heard “Familiar Taste of Poison” on the author Michelle Hughes’ website and I fell in love with it.

  10. That choice would depend on whether I wanted to be mellow, or snap out of the funk. To snap out of it, I’d listen to something like “The Cat People” or “Robyn Loau”, but if I want to mellow in it, I’d listen to Meshell Ndegeocello. If I want to be healed from some wound, I’d listen to Jill Scott.

    Nice article Emma.

    • Emma says:

      Hi Hamish. I just had a listen to Robyn Loau; never heard of her before but sounds like soothing music. Thanks for the music suggestions.

      • Fantastic! I absolutely love Robyn Loau. She rocks out pretty hard on “Sick with love” and “Never Let You Down”, but she also has this beautiful voice, which I’m glad you’ve been able to discover! (sorry, I’m a bit of a fan!)


      • Emma says:

        Cool. I’ll check those songs out. No need to apologise. You’re a fellow music lover so it’s all good 🙂

      • Awesome… I should tell you up front, you might find a familiar name on the youtube video for “Never Let You Down”… as I wrote/co-directed it. 🙂
        Hope you enjoy them!

  11. musicismyparadise says:

    Reblogged this on The Boredom Blog and commented:
    Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this! :O

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