Irish Halloween Traditions

Today, I’m doing a guest post over at Felicia’s place The Peasants Revolt. Did you know that most of us kids born in the 80s in Ireland would dress up every Halloween in a black, plastic, bin bag? No joke. To find out more, click HERE.


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13 Responses to Irish Halloween Traditions

  1. Kitt Crescendo says:

    Heading over to learn more. Thanks, Emma!

  2. fuonlyknew says:

    Gotta go see what you’re talking about:)

  3. That was interesting. Mom’s didn’t go nuts sewing costumes? (they never wanted to sew what you wanted to be!) Actually the plastic bags is smart – easy, no fuss, and no having to save it so the younger kid can wear it next year!
    Nice read

  4. Hmm that’s some interesting stuff 😀

  5. Debra Kristi says:

    That was fun, Emma! Bobbing for apples. I remember they had that set up at my school festival when was just a kid. I never understood who would want to stick their face in a bin of water in the first place. LOL. Yeah, I’ve come a long way. Stll not my favorite thing. Hehe.

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