Flashback Blog Hop

Flashback Blog Hop


Fel Wetzig is celebrating her first blog anniversary this month. The Peasants Revolt is a hub of activity for readers and writers. To celebrate the blog’s awesomeness, I’m participating in a blog hop. We choose a blog post from January 2012 and repost. As for me, I decided to go with a particularly poignant and meaningful post from a year ago – not!

TV Time: Team Stefan or Team Damon?

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I can already hear some people scoffing at the frivolity of this post but every now and then we need some light-hearted debating, and besides, it’s Friday, time for the fun to begin!  For me, watching The Vampire Diaries is a break from reality.  Work, bills, relationships, money and day-to-day living can be tough, especially in this economy, so it’s nice to forget my worries for an hour every week by getting lost in the fictional world of Mystic Falls.  To fill the void left by the lack of TVD episode this week, let’s look at the two vampire leads and see which brother captures your heart.

Stefan was behaving in an extremely un-Stefan like manner at the start of this series.  He’d taken off with Klaus and left a trail of dismembered bodies across the country.  Yes, that’s right, Stefan doesn’t just kill his victims to drink their blood, he beheads and poses them too.  For awhile we were able to blame his bad behaviour on Klaus but then he got even worse.  Not only was he murdering people but he was basically treating Elena like (gasp) just another ex-girlfriend.  It’s probably not good to admit this but it’s the latter that bothered me more.  He also managed to pull one over on the 1000 year old vampire Klaus by kidnapping his family and being the better villain. What has been the result of such coldness and bad boy behaviour?  He may now outrank Damon as the show’s hottest vampire.

Damon on the other hand has gone from being the crazy, unreliable and dangerous vampire to spending a lot of time this season making moon eyes at Elena, and generally behaving himself.  Result?  Not nearly as sexy as he used to be.  And that long awaited kiss with Elena was such a let down.  Where was the passion, the lust, the desperation?  It was as boring and uninspiring as the kiss shared between Jacob and Bella in Eclipse.

When discussing TVD with my sister and friends, nine times out of ten over the past two years it’s been Damon who’s taken the sexy crown.  There I’ve been, constantly defending my choice:  “Just because Stefan’s good doesn’t make him boring,” and “look how much he loves Elena; he’d do anything for her,” I’d fruitlessly speak up, only to be knocked down again and again.  But my, how the tables have turned.  While most of my VD gang aren’t willing to completely give up on Damon yet, they are suddenly looking at Stefan with new interest.  What is it about fictional guys behaving like jackasses that makes our hearts pound?  Stefan acting like, well a vampire a few weeks ago in the car with Elena on Wickery Bridge reeled me in completely.  Part of me wanted to see him take his darkness to the next level.

So now that we’ve known the Salvatore brothers for a couple of years who would you rather have bite you?  Or, like many, are you now looking beyond the Salvatore boys to the vampire with the sexy, British accent, Klaus?


So do we have new thoughts one year on?

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21 Responses to Flashback Blog Hop

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Aggghhh it’s just impossible to choose!!!

  2. Fel Wetzig says:

    Can I vote for Elijah? I was Team Stefan for the longest time, but now . . . it’s so hard!
    Thanks for participating Emma!

  3. Shannon says:

    The memories! This is the first blog post of yours I read, and I think commented on. A lot has changed for me in a year. I am over the Stefan and Damon thing, because I got fed up with both of them! Blasphemy, I know. 🙂 I am now a huge fan of Grimm. Give me a decent, kind-hearted, yet kick-ass guy! (But I did love Elijah.)

    • Emma says:

      Oh really? I can remember writing that post like it was only last month, not last year.
      I’m kind of over them too. In fact, I’m losing interest in The Vampire Diaries. Season 4 hasn’t been great, especially the illogical sire bond vampire thing.
      I must watch Grimm – always hearing good things about it. Happy New Year, Shannon.

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  5. Happy New Year, Emma. I finally made it over. I haven’t watched The Vampire Diaries – yet. Will get to it sometime. I’ve been told it’s awesome. I went with True Blood instead, but that sort of got weird. Anyways, all the best for 2013. May it be a fantabulous one for you! 🙂

  6. Silvia says:

    Always been Team Damon, but may I express my deep interest in two other brothers? Klaus & Elijah, of course! Klaus is… Well, Klaus. I soooo (SO) like him!! As for the other bro, as you know, Emma, I’m a strong believer Elijah will save the world! 😉

  7. I’m still Team Damon. However, I’m not liking the show as much this season for some reason. And I do NOT like Elena as a vampire.

    I had to give up the show for something hubby wanted to watch (it was a compromise), so I have to watch a few on the CW website before going on to the ones on the DVR from when hubby’s show stopped airing. And then I found out, some of the episodes are missing from the CW site. So not good.

    • Emma says:

      You’re not alone. Show isn’t so great at the moment. The mid season finale would have been a snooze fest had it not been for Klaus.
      Get your hubby to treat to you to the boxset when season 4 comes out 🙂

  8. I’m a huge vampire lover and yet, I’ve never watched this show, I tried to and couldn’t get into it. Ah well. Hello fellow Fel Blog Hopper!

  9. Millie Burns says:

    Never watched this show…may try it. But, what about Supernatural? Dean or Sam? For me, it’s Dean!!!

  10. Dona T. Guy says:

    is it possible to have a storyline in season 4 that doesn’t revolve around triangles or ships? even elena’s transition has become about the s/e/d love triangle…. smh.also, daniel/elijah is king. I want more of him in season 4.

    • Emma says:

      I hate to say it but I’m just bored with season 4. The show isn’t what it used to be. I totally agree with you re Daniel/Elijah – hopefully we’ll see more of him if the spinoff show, The Originals gets picked up.

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