Looking for Beta Readers and A Dash of Poetry

TGIF! Now that the working week is done, I have many hours of editing ahead of me this weekend. Fun times 😉

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I’m looking for beta readers for a paranormal novella, approx 40,000 words (Thanks to those of you who have already agreed to help!). It will be ready for critique in the next couple of weeks. If anyone has some free time (none of us do – I know!), I’d appreciate a few pairs of fresh eyes to read through it. It’s got my usual mix of humans and vampires. I mentioned this WIP on the 777 game post recently. I guess I’d classify it as New Adult – even though I’m not too sure that’s a recognised genre just yet.

If anyone needs a beta reader further down the line, I’d be happy to help out. Send me an email to emmameadewrites@gmail.com if you can spare a few hours to read it.

Thanks, Emma


5 Word Poem Challenge

I went to a poetry night in the bar above The Long Valley in Cork City (where I live) recently. The weekly event is called Ó Bhéal (Irish for word of mouth) . Before the visiting poet of the night takes to the microphone to peddle his wares, everyone in the audience gets a chance to compose a new poem. 5 random words are provided by the bar patrons. On this occasion, the words were Minnesota (there were several Americans that night), cheesewhiskeyfog and chair.

The challenge is to write a poem featuring all those words in ten minutes. Members of the audience are invited to stand up and recite their masterpiece (I wasn’t one of those brave souls). The person who receives the loudest round of applause gets a free print and books by the guest poet of the night. All in all, it was a good evening. The beer was icy cold, the poems ranged from amusing to tragic, and there was great craic,

This is what I came up with.

I spent a night in Minnesota fog

Sipping whiskey & coke over a cheese plate

My rocking chair broke 5 minutes before midnight

The clock never struck 12

Yes, I had a full ten minutes and that was the end result! I think it started out well and then descended into shite (not a typo, that’s what us Irish say) in the last couple of lines. I placed the slip of paper containing my scribbled attempt at a poem in my Dad’s birthday card.  I’m sure he’ll treasure it forever. :) If anyone would like to try writing a poem with those 5 words, go right ahead and let me know.

Have a relaxing weekend!

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15 Responses to Looking for Beta Readers and A Dash of Poetry

  1. Hey Emma! I’ll spread the word to some of the beta readers I know and send them you way if they are interested.

    I cracked up on the poem. I could just picture you drumming it up at a pub. I live right next door to Minnesota (state-wise) so I know exactly where the cheese, whiskey, and fog might fit in 🙂 you did great!

    • Emma says:

      That would be great, L.J. Thanks, I’d really appreciate it.
      Oh, what state do you live in? I have no idea if there’s much fog in Minnesota, but anyway …. 🙂

  2. Mae Clair says:

    I wish I could help with the beta, Emma, but my plate is overflowing at the moment. I will, however, help spread the word, like L.J.

    I loved your poem…the whole night sounded like a blast! And how cool that Minnesota figured into a creative writing exercise at an Irish bar? Americans do get around, LOL!

    • Emma says:

      Cheers, Mae. I know, we’re all crazy busy all of the time.
      I think the poem is a little on the pointless side, but the whole night was fun. There were lots of Americans there that night, and of course one of their poets won the competition! They had some good ones.

  3. Not as good as yours, but ten minutes isn’t a lot of time; here’s my attempt (I love poetry)…

    Feeling Minnesota but looking super-nova,
    she slit her way through the teak-whiskey fog.
    My eyes popped, my heart raced,
    my mouth gaped, I dropped my cheese log
    as she passed my chair the air became fair and electric
    smelling like spring in California

    I love poetry night, I try to go to one at least once a month, but I will admit I don’t always read. Sometimes though I do and it’s nice to hear the people’s enjoyment. If I do read I always wait til later in the night to give people more time to imbibe their good sense and dull their wits. Suprisingly, cheese and whisky and fog and Minnesota and chair can usually be heard on any night in a Wisconsin bar.

    Cheers Emma, way to have a great craic, enjoy your editing!

    • Emma says:

      That is quite impressive. I much prefer it to mine. Thanks for sharing 🙂
      I want to come to Wisconsin – I’ll put it on my list! Good idea, wait until later in the evening to talk when senses are dulled.
      And thanks for helping me out with a spot of beta reading. I highly doubt Paranormal fiction with a touch of romance is your thing, but I appreciate you reading it.

  4. Emma, I so want to help you! *bursts into tears* lol. It would depend on when you’d want it. I thought your poem was cool, too! :p And, I’m sure your father will treasure it. 🙂

    I will e-mail you in a sec, and yeah I tried my hand at the poem thing, so will send you that, too. Do NOT laugh! Hehehe.

    Have a super weekend, and thank you.


  5. I loved the poem! Got me thinking… why didn’t it reach midnight, etc.

    Hey, I’d love to beta read for you. I’ll send you an email of where to send your stuff. Looking forward to it!

    • Emma says:

      Thanks, Tameri. I have no idea why the clock didn’t strike midnight. That is probably one of the most meaningless poems I’ve tried my hand at 🙂

      That’s great news. Thanks! Sent you an email.

  6. Story Addict says:

    How do you keep writing all this stuff, Emma? You truly amaze me. New Adult is plenty recognized as a category by authors and agents 🙂 But I’ll admit it’s still growing among readers. I’m a bit swamped with editing right now, wish I could beta.

    • Emma says:

      I sat down over Christmas and just started writing this novella. It’s probably the fastest draft I’ve ever written, so we shall see how it goes down with the beta readers.
      I’m definitely seeing more books marketed as New Adult around.
      And no worries. I can’t remember a time now when I wasn’t busy with writing. I have a few good betas lined up, so I’m more relaxed now. Hope your editing is going well, and you don’t want to tear your hair out too much. 🙂

  7. Debra Kristi says:

    I’m cracking up at your poem. Not because it turned to shite, but 1. because you think it did, 2. The bad luck of a chair break five minutes before midnight and then the clock magically never strikes. and 3. (and this is what really made me laugh) Your comical word regarding your father’s love as you slipped the note into his treasured gift. You know it was probably one of his favorites. 😀

    Since I’m super late, as that has been my thing lately, did you see this regarding NA? http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/emerging-adult-book-genre-puts-smut-fiction-bestseller/story?id=18550587

    Where do you stand on beta readers? What is the date you’re looking to start and what kind of turn around are you hoping for?

    • Emma says:

      Thanks, Debra. You’re very sweet, but I don’t think I’ll be submitting it to any poetry anthologies just yet. 🙂
      I’m going to check that link out now – thanks.
      And I’m good for beta readers for this novella, but thanks for asking. No doubt I’ll be back to you in the future asking for your help with something else. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

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