Mini Book Reviews – Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall plus more

Wondering what to read next? Got a few hours of reading time to spare this summer? Here are some ideas.


writingWriting Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall

For any budding paranormal/horror writers out there, and the not so newbies, this should be a big help. I thought Rayne’s tips  were excellent. I actually took notes with a pen as I read through Writing Scary Scenes.

Want to know how to build suspense, tension, describe your character’s emotions by using other senses beside the overused eyes and much more? Then grab you copy. Now, only to put Rayne’s advice into my own work. 🙂

Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon.


Resistance by Owen Sheers owen(the only one of these books I read in paperback!)

Want to get away from all the paranormal stuff for a while? How about Resistance?

Blurb from Goodreads: It’s 1944 and the D-Day landings have failed. Sarah Lewis wakes up to find herself alone – her husband has disappeared, along with all the men in her Welsh border valley. As the women work to run the farms throughout the winter, a German patrol arrives, led by Captain Albrecht Wolfram. Cut off from the surrounding war, the lines between collaboration, occupation and survival become blurred for Sarah and Albrecht, and everyone in the valley must decide what is worth fighting for.

My Thoughts: I picked this up after catching the film on TV.  I enjoyed it but wanted something more. The descriptions of the landscape were vivid, the loneliness of the hard land clearly evoked. The interactions between Sarah and Albrecht brought some life to the weary valley, but I felt let down by the ending.

If you’re looking for a book featuring lots of epic World War 11 battles, then Resistance isn’t the one. Yes there are Nazis here, but the book focuses on a quiet little village in Wales. If slow moving stories are your thing, you should enjoy Resistance. I found the languid pace peaceful, for the most part anyway. The romantic in me was hoping for more between Albrecht and Sarah, but oh well. You can’t have a HEA every time.  Check it out on Goodreads and Amazon.


veVengeance by the Foot by Adam Light

Gross But Funny.
Need a quick fix of horror? Then look no further. Grant’s wife is a patient woman for putting up with his mood for as long as she did. This is a horrifying case of foot in mouth!
Very fast read, both amusing and disturbing. For any horror short story enthusiasts out there, grab it. Find it on Goodreads and Amazon.

Thanks to blogger, Laura Thomas, for introducing me to this author.


decA Decent December by D.C. McMillen

Short, Fun & Sexy.
If you like your erotica fun and spicy and in short story format, then be sure to grab a copy of A Decent December. Paper thin walls lead to a budding romance. This is a short and sexy little romp with three characters: Nina, Ned and her magic wand! Check out D.C. McMillen’s blog. Her posts always crack me up. Find it on Goodreads & Amazon.


What I’ve Done by Jen Naumann

whatLily and her little sister, Rose, have not had an easy childhood. Their father died young and their mother is a hopeless alcoholic. When she packs her kids on a bus to California, Lily knows her mom is running from someone. When the bus arrives in sunny California, poor Lily realises her mom has died on the trip.

I hadn’t read a YA book quite like this before. I picked up on Gabe and who he was in an early beach scene – I wanted him to get the girl. So, I’m team Gabe, but lots of fans seem to be Team Eli. This was an easy read. I found myself wanting to work in a surf shop and live in California. The sunny, easy-going setting was vibrantly described. I’m a big fan of Jen’s and can’t recommend her stories enough.  If you like your Young Adult stories with a dash of the supernatural, check What I’ve Done out on Amazon and Goodreads.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for what to read next. Or maybe you’re cursing me because now you have an even longer TBR list.


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14 Responses to Mini Book Reviews – Writing Scary Scenes by Rayne Hall plus more

  1. ellamedler says:

    Hahahaha – I’ve actually just got one of Rayne Hall’s books today. Yes, my TBR is scary. 500+ titles, like! 🙂

  2. Mae Clair says:

    You have been busy reading, Emma! Thanks for the reviews. I’ve got an urban fantasy/horror novel on the back burner that Rayne’s book would be helpful for and you’ve sold me on What I’ve done. Team Gabe, huh? I’ll have to remember that and see where I fall. The TBr continues to grow!

  3. beckyday6 says:

    Great recommendations, Emma. I’m intrigued by what Writing Scary Scenes might have to say. 🙂 You seem to read so quickly!

  4. Yeah, thanks a lot for growing my TBR list. *sticks out tongue* I’m not really interested in “Resistance” because it’s not my kind of thing. I don’t usually read craft books (because I’m sometimes skeptical about what makes these people know more than anyone else), but I honestly think I would enjoy “Writing Scary Scenes”. I think I usually do okay, but I want to be better at it, especially if my writing is going to lean more toward horror in the future.

    Thanks for the recommends!

  5. Note to self: I will keep away from Amazon… I will keep away from Amazon. Like the sound of all of them, but Vengeance by Foot? I could read some gross and funny. :p

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