Vampires Vampires Everywhere: Round 2

Based on the comments from Round One I’ve added a few extra to my list including Alice Cullen from Twilight and Mick St John from Moonlight.


Elijah Mikaelson -(Vampire Diaries). The James Bond of the Original Vampires. Suave, sophisticated, badass. I adored him from the second he walked into my life in season 2. 🙂 And now he’s moving to New Orleans for The Originals set to air this Autumn.

Louis de Pointe du Lac – (both the book and the film). Perhaps the original tortured vampire who wants to deny his bloodlust. I fell in love with Louis as a young school girl when I read Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. Brad Pitt did the character justice in the Neil Jordan movie adaptation.


Lestat – Now here is a vampire with a thirst for life. Oh yes, please – I’ll have some Lestat any day. In fact my own vampire Tristan from Night Sighs has a bit of the bad boy Lestat in him. Lestat is a glorious vampire. He revels in who and what he is and makes no apologies.

David – (played by Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys) – I’m picturing his wicked grin right now in the cave with poor Michael who’s about to become part of David’s gang. He loved being a vampire in the coastal town of Santa Carla and leader of his biker boys. “All the Damn Vampires.” Amen.

Darla – This vampire should have had her own show as Lindsey points out in a season 2 episode of Angel. She rocked in Angel more so than Buffy. When she was reborn/created/engineered by Wolfram & Hart, she didn’t relinquish her vampire nature despite her new human skin. She may have been bloodthirsty and cold, but she was damn entertaining.

Deacon Frost (Blade). Moody, sexy with a chip on his shoulder for not being a born vampire, Stephen Dorff’s Deacon Frost radiated sensuality and danger. Mmm. Pity he didn’t make it through the first film.

Blade – The badass vampire/human hybrid on a mission to rid the world of nasty vampires. He’s just cool, no other word for him. I aim to one day own a replica of his sword. The hidden trigger explodes a vamp’s hand – quite a handy tool to have around in a vampire apocalypse.

Drusilla – An insane vampire is a deadly creature, and she was hilarious to watch in both Buffy and Angel. “Grandmum won’t eat the double speak”. Yes, love.

Dracula – Gary Oldman’s version in the 1992 film. Sexy, old school, intelligent, wicked and dangerous. One of my favourite portrayals of a vampire.


pic from photo bucket

Eric Northman – Sexy as hell, a vampire Viking, how bad. He loves his progeny, Pam. We’ve seen him protect her time and time again. Given his age, he’s seen it all, done everything, but when he finds himself touched by a human girl, the viewers, myself included, sighed at our TV screens and wished we were Sookie.

Pam – Sarcastic, has a low tolerance for humans, apart from feeding from them and shagging them. She makes True Blood watchable these days. Even as a human she knew what she wanted in life, forcing Eric into making her his child.

Tara – Tara’s always been an angry character. Becoming a vampire without choosing to should have made this girl vicious and even more full of rage. And it did, at first, but now, it’s clear Tara was born to be vampire. She cares deeply for her maker, Pam, and rocks as a member of the undead.

Bill Compton – I adored him in the first season of True Blood. An old fashioned gentleman and soldier in the Civil War, Bill loved Sookie dearly. He was the kind of man you’d bring home to meet your parents. Bill from Season 4 onwards is not someone I’d like to hang out with if I ever happened to spend a couple of days in Bon Temps.

Count Duckula – Oh, childhood. This cartoon brings me right back to after school afternoons spent in my nana and grandad’s house in 24 Congress Road, Turner’s Cross. Poor Nanny had an awful time. Remember the Count Duckula theme?


pic from Wikipedia

Thierry Descouedres – (Night World books by L.J. Smith) I fell in love with him reading these stories set in the Night World. He’s the second oldest vampire (as far as I can remember). In Soulmate, we learn that thousands of years ago he murdered his intended mate when he was unable to control his blood thirst. She reincarnates down through the ages and he tracks her down every time to try to save her from the evil witch who made him into a vampire against his will.

Quinn – (Night World books by L.J. Smith). He doesn’t come across in the best light at first. He’s a trafficker of human women, who are captured for their blood rather than sex in this world. When Rashel, a vampire hunter, catches up to him, he starts to see humans differently.

Henry Fitzroy – (Blood Ties). He’s an artist and his lineage dates all the way back to King Henry VIII (who knew Henry’s illegitimate son was a vampire?). I enjoyed watching the banter between him and private detective Vicki Nelson. They rocked the older woman/younger man thing.

Mick St JohnMoonlight. There are quite a few fans of Mick out there. Sleeping in a fridge kind of made any relationship with his love interest impossible. A vampire in Sunny California was probably a never good idea, but Mick made it work.

Alice Cullen – From reading the comments in Round One, a lot of you think highly of this petite vampire. She’s feisty, fast on her feet, a great friend, and can tell the future – well, sort of.


I could keep going, but I’ve run out of energy. If there are more vampires you think I should have mentioned, please let me know in the comments. Have I introduced you to any new vampires?


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29 Responses to Vampires Vampires Everywhere: Round 2

  1. Mae Clair says:

    You’ve introduced me to quite a few and also recalled a lot I’d forgotten about. And I really need to watch Moonlight. I have the series on DVD and still haven’t gotten around to watching it. I know–shameful!

  2. beckyday6 says:

    A lot of great choice again, Emma! I’ve never heard of Count Duckula, that made me snort! What a funny idea. One of my childhood favourites was Mona the Vampire, she was rocking. 🙂

    I love Elijah and Darla and can’t wait to read some Anne Rice to meet even more awesome vampires.

    Great post!

    • Emma says:

      Count Duckula just had to cutest spooky graphics. I adored it and watched it every day after primary school. I haven’t seen Mona the Vampire. Maybe I can persuade my little nieces to watch it with me.

  3. Thank you for including Mick St. John this time, my favorite vamp of all time. I can’t help it if I like moral vampires as well as I like bad boy vampires. My taste is eclectic. LOL

    I loved Gary Oldman’s portrayal of Dracula. Gary Oldman is an awesome actor, very versatile like Johnny Depp. And Blade? As cool as it gets!

  4. Okay, David from the Lost Boys totally creeped me out, but in that cool, badass sort of way. Major thumbs up for him. I love the additions of Alice, Mick, Dru (she was totally quackers in the funniest way) and Darla. Deacon Frost definitely oozed sex appeal…and Blade is cool as a cucumber.

    If we’re adding movie vamps, I also have to say that I have the worst girl crush on Selene from Underworld. Scary bad female would probably go to Salma Hayek’s vamp in From Dusk Till Dawn….and Cheech was pretty funny, too. 😉

    • Emma says:

      I saw The Lost Boys when I was about 9 or 10 staying in my older cousins’ house. All the lads left me watch it. The image of the vampires biting into the skulls of the people they attacked on the beach is still quite vivid to me.

      Yep, should have added Selene. I haven’t watched From Dusk Till Dawn in years. Thanks for the suggestions, Kitt.

  5. laurajc83 says:

    Love Deacon Frost, Mick St John, Drusilla, Darla and Gary Oldman’s Dracula! 🙂 One more, I know the film was crap, but Dracula 2000, the first time I noticed how gorgeous Gerard Butler is! 😀

  6. Shannon says:

    Alice and Eric are great additions. I adore Elijah. Now, if only I could stand any of the remaining Originals.

  7. Finally someone I ‘know’. Hehe. Bill Compton! Although I only watched the first season and remembered when you wrote something about it going south where he’s concerned. I love Alice Cullen!

    • Emma says:

      True Blood has gone downhill the past couple of seasons. Bill was so lovely in the very first episode. The lights dimming around him in the bar was very theatrical – one of my favourite moments. I’d like to have Alice for a friend. 😉

  8. laurajc83 says:

    How can u not remember Dracula 2000?!! Gerard Butler, very young, with long hair? We saw it in the cinema!! Look it up & you’ll remember!! I think they went to New Orleans for part of it! 🙂

  9. So. Many. YUM. You have me so flustered right now, I’m not even speaking in complete sentences!! LOL

  10. I think my favorite would have to be Eli from Let the Right One In (the movie). Definitely one of my favorite films of recent years. The remake (Let Me In) is good, too, but the original is great.

    “Perhaps the original tortured vampire who wants to deny his bloodlust.” Ms. Rice has talked about how the general idea (the tortured, sympathetic vampire) and the specific idea of a vampire being interviewed came from Dark Shadows. She was an obsessed fan growing up, as I was also (and Johnny Depp, Tim Burton and Michelle Pfeiffer).

    • Emma says:

      I forgot about Let the Right One In. That was a great film, very different to all the other vamp movies around.

      I haven’t seen the TV show Dark Shadows, before my time. I have seen the recent film though. Thanks for stopping by, Anthony.

      • If Dark Shadows got its hooks (fangs 🙂 ) into you at the right age, you were stuck. There’s a company called Big Finish which is producing a series of audio dramas with the original DS cast (those who are still around), and there’s clearly an audience (beyond just me, I mean 🙂 ). There are DS books, too.

        I wrote about the Dark Shadows movie here:, and there’s a link at the bottom to the post I wrote when Jonathan Frid (the original Barnabas Collins) died.

        You should review Let the Right One In. 🙂

  11. When thinking of vampires, I always think of the 80’s British movie, The Hunger, with the sexy 80’s vampire Miriam and her boy toy played by David Bowie. Or more recently, the German vampire movie, We are the Night, a sexy soiree into an all female (sexy females of course) vampire world. And though I haven’t seen it yet, I’m looking forward to the movie , Byzantium, directed by Neil Jordan (also did Interview with a Vampire), it’s about mother and daughter vampires in a run down hotel somewhere on the British coast trying to outrun their past. The previews looked moody and sultry, yum.
    Now after all this night talk I’m off to play in the sun (and humidity).

    • Emma says:

      The Hunger is on my list of films I need to re-watch. I was quite young when I caught it on TV years ago and barely remember it. I forgot about We are the Night, and I even reviewed that on this blog last year! Thanks for the reminder, Hubbard. I’ll be first in line for Byzantium.

  12. Shah Wharton says:

    I love all vampires. Full stop. But you’e chosen some of my faves. Gary’s Dracula is tops… I can’t wait for The Originals either… I’ll have to go see part one of this thread. 🙂


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