Cover Reveal: Pathways of the Dead by Jonathan D Allen


I was happy to be a part of the blog tour organised by Dark World Books for another book by Jonathan earlier in the summer. Remember  the artwork for Room 3. Today, I’m showcasing the slightly sinister cover for Pathways of the Dead.

Pathways of the Dead
(Among the Dead #2)

Pathways Full ResMatty doesn’t want to end the world. Unfortunately, she has no choice.
Through a series of harrowing events, Matty DiCamillo discovered that she is the heir to an ancient prophecy, destined to destroy her own reality to save countless others. Now she finds herself locked away and interrogated by beings known as the Aetelia, who are out to force the apocalypse to their liking.

After a breathless escape and an attack by the band of rebel Aetelia known as the Watchers, Matty must not only cross worlds but time itself to elude capture and face her destiny on her own terms. Aided by her lover Kristy; Tommy, a man trapped in a boy’s body; and an ageless woman named Omarosa; she must face death itself to reach the City of the Dead.

About the Author: Jonathan D Allen

Jonathan-D-Allen-300x250Born and raised in the rural Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Jonathan wrote his first fantasy/sci-fi novel at the age of 13. After studying writing and communication at James Madison University, Jonathan turned his passion for writing into a full-time technical writing career in the DC Metro area, working for companies like Sprint/Nextel, Time Warner Cable, and Sirius XM Radio, where he had an opportunity to combine his love of music with his love of writing. He may have drifted away from fiction at times, but it was always his first love – and he always returned to it. Now living in Bethesda with his wife, two cats, and two quirky guinea pigs for which his publishing company is named, he crafts the kinds of stories that he had always hoped to read but just couldn’t quite find.

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5 Responses to Cover Reveal: Pathways of the Dead by Jonathan D Allen

  1. Mae Clair says:

    Intense, gritty cover.

  2. fuonlyknew says:

    I like the noirish look on the cover. Sounds like a whirlwind read!

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