Cover Reveal: Tegan’s Power by L.H. Cosway

I’ve got another Cover Reveal today. Cue fangirl screaming. The last in The Ultimate Power series is almost here, and I am delighted to be helping out with the cover reveal for book 4 in one of my favourite paranormal series ever. This is the artwork for Tegan’s Power by L.H. Cosway.

Tegan's Power

Welcome to the city of Tribane, you can come in any time you like but you can never leave.

Fearing Ethan’s transformation, Finn has decided to escape the city with his friends in tow. Unfortunately, a magical barrier has been erected preventing anyone from leaving. Along the way he makes the acquaintance of a runaway half elf named Allora. While Finn takes her under his wing, he finds that his feelings for Tegan are fading as a new love blossoms.

Tegan is learning that it’s not all fun and games being with the most powerful vampire in the city. For one thing, there seems to be a catastrophe around every corner, and for another, how can a relationship between a human and an immortal actually last?

In anticipation of Theodore’s next move, the group cast their prejudices aside and join forces once more. They know that they must put an end to the sorcerer if the city is to have any chance of surviving, but Tegan is still determined to save Rita. The thing is, she doesn’t know if it’s possible to take down Theodore without destroying her best friend in the process.

Tegan’s Power is the concluding instalment in the Ultimate Power Series and is told from the dual POV of Tegan and Finn.

Release date: December 17th 2013.


Add this to your Goodreads to-read list, and if you’re a fan of paranormal fiction, particularly books featuring magic and vampires, then shame on you if you haven’t yet added or read the first 3 books which I’ve been raving about for more than a year. 😉

Can’t wait to get my hands on this. EXCITEMENT!!

What do you think of this cover? Has anyone read the other Tegan books yet?


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13 Responses to Cover Reveal: Tegan’s Power by L.H. Cosway

  1. Mae Clair says:

    I remember you blogging about the other books in this series and much you love it. I like the artsy contrast of the moody gray and white tones on the cover. Don’t you just love when a book you have waited for finally releases? I just finished one of those and am still basking in the glow of a great read 🙂

  2. Jen Naumann says:

    LOVE the cover! I think I’m behind in this series but will definitely have to catch up so I can read this one. Congrats to L.H., wishing her much success!

  3. sherry fundin says:

    Congratulations L. Nice cover. I like the tag – you can come but never leave. It sounds like Hotel California. lol I am not familiar with your work, but this sounds like a great series. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous cover! I love it!

  5. Love this cover, too! Haven’t read any of Cosway’s books, and I don’t know why. I’ll have to change lots of things next year. I really like the sound of this series.

    • Emma says:

      You haven’t read them because you have like a hundred others to get through, and then you have beta reading, and editing and banner making. 😉 You’re a busy lady.

  6. Shah Wharton says:

    Now Emma, ‘one of your favourite paranormal reads’ yo say. That’s sold it for me. And this cover is lovely, although if I had to be critical, my eyes long for even a tiny flash of colour. I’m still off to seek out book one. 🙂 X

    • Emma says:

      The black and white suits the moodiness in this case. Book number one was free a couple of days ago on Amazon. Check it out to see if it still is. Thanks for stopping by, Shah.

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