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My 2 week holiday is long over, but before I started back at work I managed to squeeze in a few movies and the odd hour or two (or ten) of TV, of course. Here are some of the horror/sci-fi films I watched.

Europa Report

europaA privately funded space mission sets off to travel further than any human ever has before. The gang of six international astronauts is heading for Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons in the hopes of discovering some form of life. The mission, of course, does not go smoothly.

The best element about Europa Report was seeing how astronauts live in space, getting a peek into their living quarters, how they pass time, deal with being all alone up there and missing their families, how they continue in the face of dwindling odds for survival. All the action is filmed from cameras located inside the spacecraft and the astronauts’ helmets, giving the film a realistic edge. The “found footage” element works well.

The snippets of horror were muted, not thrown in your face like so many other space films. Europa Report was a subtle horror/sci-fi flick (with the exception of the final image which I’m still not sure what to make of). The actors all did their jobs nicely and it was great to hear different accents. For any space lovers out there, check this one out. ****

Would You Rather

wouldAs I’m not much of a fan of so called “torture porn”, I’m not sure why I stuck with this movie. Okay, yes I liked two of the lead actors, Enver Gjokaj who starred in the shortlived Joss Whedon series Dollhouse and Brittany Snow from Pitch Perfect were in it, but after thirty minutes I should have known better and switched it off.

Would you rather stab the person sitting beside you in the thigh, orΒ be whipped three times? So you get the gist of this sadistic game. There’s nothing new here but thankfully it’s not as grotesque as Saw. I wouldn’t bother with this one unless you’re extremely bored on a Friday night. **

The Purge

the purgeIn America, one night of the year, for 12 hours, there will come The Purge. Police and emergency services will cease, all crime will be legalised, so the country’s citizens (should they choose) can run amok, stealing, raping and murdering, whatever they’ve been keeping pent-up for the rest of the year. The film focuses on Ethan Hawke’s and Lena Headey’s family, battling to stay alive when their home is invaded.

I can’t even be bothered to rate this one. I couldn’t get past the idea of an American society allowing something like The Purge to occur. Maybe I could have enjoyed this film if we were given some explanation and background. But we’re not. So in theory you could attack your neighbour’s daughter during The Purge, and come tomorrow, society would simply carry on as normal and there would be no repercussions? Not even say the daughter’s family taking their revenge? I don’t think so. I found the concept of The Purge so ludicrous I’m stopping typing, right now –


So as you can gather, of the above three, the only one I’d recommend would be Europa Report, and I fear it could be too slow-moving for many. But as someone who’s always been fascinated by space and space travel, getting a realistic insight into what life is like for astronauts was a delight.


What horror and sci-fi movies have you watched recently, and do you have any you could recommend ?


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22 Responses to Mini Movie Reviews

  1. Ohh dear, a few movie let downs here then! I have actually heard of the concept of The Purge but I never realised it was a movie. It sounded like a super stupid idea to me too. I mean, I guess it could be interesting to see the repercussions of it but it’s troublesome if you can’t get behind the whole idea in the first place.

    Good to have you back, Emma. πŸ™‚

    • Emma says:

      Thanks for the welcome home, Becky. πŸ™‚
      There’s a sequel to the The Purge coming out soon, one I will definitely be avoiding. The idea could have been intriguing if the writers explained how it had come about, how society dealt with repercussions afterwards, why families with means didn’t just leave the country that night etc.. but there was nothing.

  2. sherry fundin says:

    Glad to hear you made it back and had some time to regroup. I was curious about a couple and am glad I never wasted my time on Purge. Europa does sound good, but I don’t like those torture ones either.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • Emma says:

      Thanks, Sherry. Laura liked The Purge, so maybe give it a go. Hope all is well with you.

      • sherry fundin says:

        Oh man, Shark Tornado, yeah! I love those B movies. I was on a blog and they were talking about Purge Two. They said skip one and go straight to two. I’ll watch pretty much anything, but I’m usually reading or blogging at the same time – UNLESS it is something really, really, really good. ^_^

  3. fuonlyknew says:

    Welcome back Emma! I enjoyed Europa Report too. The living in space, the bonds, and their dedication to the mission. The ending was something different!
    I also enjoyed The Purge. I guess I’m twisted!
    Haven’t seen Would You Rather. Makes me think of Hostel and Saw. Sounds creepy and I don’t always do well with these.

    • Emma says:

      Cheers, Laura. I thought you might have seen Europa Report or liked it too.
      The Purge was probably decently acted and everything, but the storyline!! Arg, it still annoys me. Yeah, when I think “horror torture films”, Hostel and Saw come to mind and are to be avoided.

  4. Shah Wharton says:

    HATE torture porn. Nothing talented about it, nothing creepy or scary, it’s just sick. As for the Purge – I mirror your feelings exactly. Saw it a while ago and at the end I grieved the loss of life. Good to have you back! πŸ™‚

  5. Mae Clair says:

    Just got back from a mini vacay, and had to check out your reviews. Not sure I would like how the filming is done in Europa, and definitely wouldn’t like the other two. Can’t stomach anything with torture, and the idea of The Purge is almost as sickening. Bleck. I’d take Shark Tornado over the last two any day!

    • Emma says:

      Hope you had a fantastic time on your vacation, Mae? Europa Report wouldn’t be for everyone. Gravity gave me the bug to find another space flick. Ha ha, Shark Tornado.

  6. I keep seeing Europa Report on Netflix and for some reason I haven’t clicked on it. I’ll give it a go. Yeah the other two aren’t my style. I remember all the commercials for The Purge and I was thinking the same thing, this makes no sense. So I avoided it.
    Welcome back from you vacation. Now it’s time for me to go on vacation πŸ™‚

  7. debsmerry says:

    Firstly I hope your holiday went well that your relaxed ready to go. I shall see what the year brings as I am undesided. The films hmm, I don’t like torture sex films/books also scfi is not me either. I do like horror in a different way. I do know I should be open minded also..

    • Emma says:

      Hey, Debs. Had a lovely time, thanks. Are you more of a ghost story/haunted house type horror fan like me?

      • debsmerry says:

        Yes I am the scary/Ghostly house surrounded by a Ghostly dark Forrest that begins like the secret Garden the tree branches growing to reach each other!!! Hugging that cushion waiting for the first jump on the sofa especially when on my own I love them.

  8. setinmotion says:

    Ewwww. Would you rather sounds disgusting. I hate all those ‘horror porn’ movies, but I end up reading their synopsis online anyway to really disgust myself.

  9. Welcome back, Emma! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Yeah, I’m late in doing this, lol, but I’m off on my own adventure. I’m with you on The Purge and Would You Rather. There’s enough sick in this world.

    Wishing you a super fabulous weekend!! x

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