Be Back Soon

Just in case anyone wonders over the next week and a half/2 weeks why I’m not stopping by to visit their blog or posting my own, I’m heading off on holidays to Jersey (UK) & London.

For a blog titled “Emma’s Ramblings on Supernatural Fiction”, I realise there hasn’t been much paranormal stuff of late, so I promise to get back on track with reviews later in the month. In preparation for the new and final season of True Blood, I went back and re-watched the first 6 seasons. I hope the writers give Sookie and the folks of Bon Temps a good send-off.

I hope July will be sunny and good to everyone. See you when I’m back!

I’ll leave you with some photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks on my local travels.

Came across this secondhand bookshop in Tipperary recently
bryan collage
Bryan Adams at the Marquee Cork
cashel collage
Rock of Cashel. Of course I would wait until the castle is being renovated to visit. Please excuse the ugly scaffolding.
random 2
On the road to Tipperary, the lighthouse at Ballycotton, some ruins near the Rock of Cashel, shop at Cashel

random collage

Muckross House and view from sitting outside Electric in Cork City
Muckross Grounds in Kerry
Selfie taken at recent wedding. Me and my sister, Aileen.

Catch up soon, Emma x



9 thoughts on “Be Back Soon

  1. I feel like I just took a short sight-seeing tour of Ireland! Thanks for sharing the photos, Emma, they’re awesome. Hope you have a fabulous time on holiday. See you when you get back!

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