Friday Feeling Blog Post

The working week from hell is over. #TGIF  Hope everyone else’s week was more relaxed than mine. I’m off to Bryan Adams tomorrow evening. I had a great night the last time he played Cork two or three summers ago. Fingers crossed the gig tomorrow at the Marquee will be just as good.

I’ll leave you with a performance of Run to You from Slane Castle.

Have a great weekend xx


20 thoughts on “Friday Feeling Blog Post

  1. I didn’t think the weekend would ever get here! Sounds like you have a great adventure planned. Have fun Emma and I’m feeling good now. Thanks for the song!

    1. Yes it’s out and it’s part of a larger series. Night of the Chupacabra by Michael Hebler is the name of the book I won. Thanks, Flossie. It was a fantastic weekend. I’d go see Bryan again in a heartbeat.

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