Friday Music: Riptide

“Riptide” by Vance Joy has only been hitting the airwaves here over the past month or so, but it’s been out for over a year in Australia.  A few weeks ago I asked you what songs you were listening to this summer and a couple of you mentioned this one. “Riptide” has  a crazy quirky retro video and a melody that’s chilled out but has something deeper going on. One of my favourite songs of the year.

Here it goes.



 What do you think? What song is stuck in your head today?



21 thoughts on “Friday Music: Riptide

  1. I didn’t have any songs stuck in my head until I checked out your post, so thanks A LOT, Emma! 😉 I haven’t been listening to the radio much this summer because I’ve been on an audiobook kick, so I guess I forgive you… this time. Happy Friday!

  2. I dunno if you know this one already, it featured in The Vampire Diaries, Home and Away and courtesy of my sis Emma, it featured, more importantly to her, in ‘Beauty and the Beast’! 😀
    It’s called ‘Best Part of Me’ by St Leonards. (Another Australian group!)

    1. Lol, Beauty and the Beast. I will have to watch at least an episode for your sister’s sake. Hadn’t heard of this one. Thanks, Laura. Definitely could picture it used for The Vampire Diaries. Moody and hipsterish…

  3. And to think “Riptide” is the name of the motel in Quieenscliff in Victoria where James Keogh’s (Vance Joy’s) family holidayed every year when he was a child. And he turned those childhood memories into an awesome song! The guy is good.

  4. Heh! I’d never heard of this song until now. As for songs stuck in my head? It’s been bouncing back and forth between Happy and All Of Me….though Jason Mraz’s Butterfly just showed up in the scene I’m currently working on in my latest WIP. 🙂

    1. Hey, Kitt. I’m listening to “Butterfly” right now. Thanks. Good luck with your WIP. I’m thinking it’s an erotica piece from listening to those lyrics? 🙂 x

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