Writing Time: Look Meme

The lovely Debra Kristi tagged me in this game going around the blogosphere at the moment.  You run a search for the word “look” in your current WIP and then paste the surrounding paragraph(s).

Here goes a short extract from Night Whispers.

She stepped into the front garden, and a gust of cold air cast a chilly kiss on her face.  Alex breathed deeply.  The air smelled clean and crisp. It had stopped snowing for now, but every surface was covered in a beautiful, thick carpet of white.  Why did the world look so much more enchanting when covered up? she wondered.

The crunch of her boots on snow pleased Alex enormously. She trudged forward, down the pathway that separated the garden in half.  Two wooden benches stood before the iron gates, buried under a heavy coat of frosting.  Kensington Place was a fabulous, winter wonderland.  If Tristan had been with her, she would have initiated a snow fight.

I’d like to tag Laura Thomas, Kitty Barton , Ella Medler, Shannon Moreau, Michelle Muto, Michelle Cornwell-Jordan, Margaret Alexander and Trish Loye Elliott.



14 thoughts on “Writing Time: Look Meme

      1. We do have good taste. 🙂 Now that I think of it, the name may have come about after I watched the film, Tristan & Isolde.

    1. Thanks, Debra. Cheers for tagging me. I’m not sure where I got the name Tristan from. Just came to me when I wrote the original short story years ago.

  1. I do not have a WIP officially. I am doing a series about teenagers home for summer break. A funny one. Let me get in there and see what I have. Sounds fun. May be a bit getting it up. Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on me and I will be losing power!
    Thanks Emma!

  2. Love! This is one of my favorite memes going around. I am enthralled with your story already ~ so when do we get more? Kensington Palace, yes please! Tristan? Hmm, who is he and why would she want to have a snowball fight with him? I’d love to be there with her.

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